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Spirits in the Material World by Sammie pin 7486

They say, we are made up of 70% water and 30% mineral. Scientists like to try and discover and prove everything they can about us and the world we live in, but what of the spirit world, of which in ourselves we all have, but nobody can see. Or can they?

Recently, I had a call from a customer who asked me if there was anybody from the spirit world that wanted to make contact with her. It was quite late and I was about to log off, just as I went to log out, a call came in, from this lady and I described a female to her that she didn’t recognise.  I didn’t pursue the call for the simple reason; I was tired and she didn’t know who this person (a woman who I shall call Alison) was.  

It happens sometimes, that people don’t immediately recognise someone that comes in.  This is generally because they may well have someone specific in mind, like a close relative, mother/father etc which is understandable.  In our day to day lives, we bump into someone we haven’t seen for many years and we go our separate ways because that’s where our journeys take us. For everything has a reason, you meet every person, for a reason. Some will stay in your lives and some will not.  If you meet them again it may be because you have unfinished business, perhaps to close a chapter or to continue where you left off.   Sometimes they are kindred spirits and just have a message to pass on, like they do from the spirit world!

So who was this lady Alison?

After some thinking, and seeing this lady again in my mind’s eye (the third eye/brow chakra) I knew she was a friend to the caller, and had in fact become her spirit guide.  The lady had passed some years previously and wouldn’t have been immediately known to the caller for the reasons that these two people were friends from an early age and had not seen each other for many years.  If the caller ever rings again, I will be able to let her know!

Why did she come in?

In our lives, we are assigned guides.  During our life on earth, some will come in for a short time and then leave when their work is done.  I have heard that there is a guide for every situation, and we do have more than one. Some mediums know who their guides are, mine are a mixed bunch of ancestors and old friends.  

When we have guides that are ancestral, they are generally grandparents and often some from very much further back, sometimes parents (although I think we ignored their advice when they were on the earth plane and therefore may ignore it from the spirit world and it is more likely that they send signs to us, as opposed to them being permanently with us. We will meet them when we cross over.  Some mediums as you probably have read, have red Indians as guides, I am not here to question them about that.  We are all humans having a unique human experience while here on planet earth!

So, back to the call I took. I felt that Alison had come in to pass on some words of advice, often people call when they want to contact the spirit world because they are facing some difficulties and just need reassurance. People contact mediums for all sorts of reasons. It can be confusing for a caller if a set person doesn’t come in immediately or readily from a closer person like the person they were thinking of.  Whoever wants to come in, will come in.  As above, so below, even those in the spirit world have to have a day off sometimes!  

However, had the call continued, I am sure that this lady once identified would have moved over and the gentleman that wanted to say a few words would have done so.  It is almost like they push for position, and like a bad signal on an FM radio, I need to tune in to the strongest signal first).  I knew the caller was most likely someone like me and probably had got to a point where she needed some assistance to help her on her way, that’s why we do this work!

So does everybody have these capabilities of seeing and hearing spirits (clairvoyant, clairaudient)?

I am not going to say yes.  I think when you know you have something, you know.  For some people, it would scare them to death, and they wouldn’t feel confident or capable of passing on messages.  However, everyone has a gut instinct, which you must always trust. How many times have you said, ‘I knew I shouldn’t have done that’. Lesson learned!

Is there a spirit world? Yes, absolutely there is.

While the majority of my callers are not wanting mediumship, I will add that with all of my calls whether I use tarot or not, will have at least one of my guides assisting me.  It always comes from a good place.

Love & light.

Would you have a clairvoyant reading? by Elizabeth Rose

Many people have a reading to see into their future.

However, many don’t because they don’t believe in it, or don’t see the point.

Every autumn monarch butterflies, migrate three thousand miles from America to Mexico.

So how do they know where they are going, a little flimsy butterfly going all that way?

Maybe if they could speak, they would say follow me.

So obviously they have a natural in-built sense that tells them which way to go.

So, a clairvoyant has a similar built in feeling that tells them during a reading the way their client must go, and give them the help and guidance that they want.

A clairvoyant cannot always just give information on demand, like ask for the lottery numbers for instance.

If they did, I am sure they would keep them to themselves!!!

But the clairvoyant will wait for the information to arrive, that is why sometimes you get fragments of information, but other times complete situations and predictions.

The dis-believers amongst us are perhaps lacking in this natural instinct and often have little empathy for others making it difficult to give them a reading.

A client who is receptive will get a better reading than someone who is demanding and suspicious.

As well as being very spiritual many of our clairvoyants have other qualifications, some are qualified councillors and can help their clients in many areas.

Clients often ask for advice as well as ask for a reading and they are only too willing to help.

A clairvoyant is someone who can see the future.

A medium is someone who can contact someone who has passed away.

A psychic can give you predictions and solve problems.

So, if you would like a glimpse of your future, maybe so that you can put long term plans into place, or want help solving a problem why not book a reading with one of our excellent clairvoyants or mediums?

Are You Perceptive Or Are You Clairvoyant? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Are You Perceptive Or Are You Clairvoyant?

Many things in life cannot be explained.

For instance how many times have you been thinking about someone and with in seconds they have contacted you? You might even have been on the point of telephoning them.

Or you may have been singing a song or thinking about one and you switch on the radio or music centre and find that very same tune is playing.

Years and years ago my Mum had a miniature poodle and now and again she would howl I asked my mum why does she keep howling and she said she always does it just before they phone rings. It was a land-line in those days. I found this very strange because it is only seconds from dialling, that the phone rings. What is more how did she know?

In nature a butterfly flies to Mexico 2,500 miles with muscles the size of a grain of rice where is meets others in some particular trees. They only live four months but how do they know how to get there?

The great Boxing Day tsunami had some tribes on little islands heading for the hills and elephants broke lose and also headed for the hills. Hardly any animals died because they knew something was happening and moved to higher ground. How did they know?

We attribute these things mostly to instinct because we cannot think of anything else to call it.

So what is clairvoyance?

Well this is the ability to see or feel or know the future.

So how does this work?

If you are a sensitive person, for instance if a friend or someone rings you, you might know that something is wrong, but not know what it is?

You might feel that a friend is going to be ill or their relationship will end.

This is Clairvoyance because you are seeing the future.

Then you like a lot of people could well develop a certain amount of clairvoyance if they wanted, as you are obviously very perceptive. One of the best ways to do this is by meditation. Just ten minutes a day will help you, by using the tarot cards or even a crystal ball.

You will need silence and to be comfortable and have a restful area.

Take one card and try to go through a meditation, and when relaxed stare at the card or the crystal ball if you can without blinking and see what comes into your mind. Only do this for a few minutes. You may see shapes, people or symbols. Or you may see nothing at first. The more you meditate the more you will develop. Or you could go to a Spiritual Church and have their advice and be guided by them. Or you could have a reading with one of our clairvoyants and get further help and advice.

Are You In Boring Relationship? – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Many people are in a boring humdrum predictable and loveless relationship. You might ask why do they put up with it?

Often it is because there is no real initiative to do anything about it.

If a partner was horrible to you, treated you badly in some way or cheated on you then it would be an incentive to do something about it. So some people drift on and on and do nothing about their circumstances. Others stay in the relationship because it suits them. Maybe they have the freedom to do what they like or they have financial security. Another reason is that they have children and reason with themselves that they will do something about it once they are older. But is it good for children to be brought up in a loveless and often cold atmosphere? Surely it is not a good role model for them and it will affect their relationships when older as it will be the norm for them.

Also is it healthy for your wellbing?

So look at your situation and ask yourself are you happy?

Secondly do you want this situation for the rest of your life?

If the answer is no, then do something about it.

At least make a plan so that you can be happier if not happy. You could open a savings account and try and save, even a little here and there soon ads up, you will need it for your future.

If you want to work eventually you could take a course in something that you are interested in like a computer course or woodwork course that will hold you in good stead for the future.

If work is not your interest long-term then you could join an interest group. Local libraries often have interesting things on. This will increase your social life and you will meet people who are interested in the same things as you. If finances are your worry then citizen’s advice will point you in the right direction where you can see what you can claim. For every problem that you have there is an advice line. A solicitor can give 30 minutes free if you want to see where you stand from a legal point of view and also what you are entitled to.

So don’t be unhappy there is help out there and once you start things moving then doors will open for you.

Can The Colours In Your Home Affect Your Health? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Have you ever thought that a colour can affect your mood or your health?

Well according to research yes it can affect your health and your mood.

For instance it is not advisable to put bright vibrant colour in a bedroom and certainly not in a child’s room.

Colours such as red bright orange etc. stimulate the brain and would tend to keep you awake. Which is the last thing you would want in a baby or a child’s bedroom. Bedrooms need cool resting colour such as pastel blues greens or pale pinks.

A lot of red in a room can give some people headaches or even migraine.  

A lounge is usually a place to rest and relax, so calming colours are needed here to surround you and make you feel chilled out.

However, although white can look gorgeous too much can give a clinical cold look and make you feel that you are sitting in an operating theatre, which would not do a lot for your raising your mood.

However if there are clever tones of other colours with the white then it can look great and feel that you are sitting in luxury and opulence.

A lounge would not be good in too much strong blue as blue is a cold colour and would not have that calm effect on you.

Kitchens can be bright with yellows or greens.

Black can be used on work tops and look great in a kitchen however too much use of black in other areas could make you feel depressed, and can give a feeling of claustrophobia.

Again if black is used cleverly with other colours the affect can be stunning.

A good idea is to Google the colour that you want and ask for other colours to go with it and you will see brilliant set ups. Or you can just put in the colour of your carpet and sofa and see what colours Google come up with.

Would you have a relationship with someone a lot younger than yourself? BY ELIZABETH ROSE PIN 7430

It seems that it is more accepted that a man can have a younger woman hanging on his arm or even marry someone years younger.

Although eyebrows are raised if the man is wealthy and people wonder if the woman is a gold digger.

When a woman has a relationship with a much younger man is seems that it is not accepted quite so well. May there is an element of jealousy that makes gossipy remarks from people.

Also when a man has a relationship with a much older woman it does cause gossip.

Well why shouldn’t you have a relationship with anyone that you are attracted to?

The question most asked, will be will the relationship last in old age when a woman is much older for instance?

 However there have been famous people who have successfully had relationships well into old age where there has had been a significant years difference.

However there are many relationships in all these categories that are happy and last for many years.

If your partner has many years difference it can last as long as they are mature.

If you are attracted to someone where there is an age difference and you do nothing about it then in the years ahead you might well look back and think what if and have regrets?

If you get on and have a lot in common and are attracted to the person then why not explore a relationship with them, after all age is only a number.

It does not matter what others think as long as you are happy in your relationship whatever age discrepancy there is does it?

If you fall in love with someone where there is an age difference and family or friends object and try and interfere, then take on board what they say, but if you feel your relationship is right then follow your heart.

So take courage if you are attracted to someone where there is a significant age difference and give it a go, at least you will not look back and wish that you had.

If your relationship has broken down would you want to try again? By Elizabeth Rose pin 7430

It is very tempting to try and get together once you have left a relationship.

After a couple of months of being on your own then reality kicks in and you begin to miss the one that you loved.

You may also have financial difficulties and feel lonely as well, which can lead you into thinking well, it was not too bad and start to think about trying again.

However, the statistics are not good for people getting back together . In 87 percent of couples that try again only about 13 percent stay together.

The problem is that if you have problems then they must be sorted out before the relationship can succeed. Otherwise, the problems will occur again and within a few weeks or months you will be back to square one.

On top of those issues, there may be other issues, like having to trust your partner, which you must do or things will just eat at you and cause a break down between you.

Or, maybe you will find it hard to forgive your partner. Which is essential if you have to make a success of your relationship.

The past problems have to be put in the past and not dragged up every time you have a disagreement.

If you really love your partner, it would be worth having counselling or a mediator to help you come to terms with your problems.

Have you given up on finding love? by Elizabeth Rose pin 7430

Are you sat at home alone with just a pet to talk to?

Or maybe you do have a very busy life and plenty of friends, but no love in your life and you have given up looking.

I remember some years ago a lady in her late fifties came to see me for a reading.

All she wanted to know was if she was going to get married, that was all she wanted in life, to be happily married.

She was a professional person and met many different people every day in her work.

She still lived with her parents who were elderly but very well off.

This lady had an action packed life; she had horses and went riding.

She travelled the world and had many interests and many friends.

In spite of her privileged life she had never really had a loving relationship.

She told me that she just had not clicked relationship wise with any one that she had met, although there were plenty of men that she had liked and got on with but not fallen in love with.

I told her that she would get engaged by the time she was sixty and she would get married a short time after.

I am pleased to say that my predictions came true.

In fact she got engaged on her birthday when she was actually sixty.

She retired early and has been very happy.

So my point is, it is never too late to find love.

There is someone out there for everyone.

So don’t give up.

Why not have a reading with one of our excellent readers and see when you will find love?

Are you a permanent mistress? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Many people have asked me – “Will my lover ever leave his wife or partner and come and live with me?” the answer is usually NO!

Why is that? Well, the answer is because it suits him or her. The man does not want to upset his wife or lover, his friends or his children. He also does not want to have his finances becoming compromised as often it would leave him worse off.

However, he will often come up with a great variety of excuses for not leaving. The favourite being he will leave when the children are older.

Another favourite is that his wife is not well, or her parents are ill and she has a lot to cope with so he cannot just leave her as he would feel guilty, and it would not be fair. If you are the mistress, then you would reason that he is being caring and carry on with the relationship.

He is in a great position; he has a caring wife who cooks and cleans for him and for his excitement and to make his day out of probably a boring or routine relationship he has a secret sex life.

Someone who cannot do enough for him is at the end of the phone, craving for his calls his texts and his visits. If he calls late at night only, then you are definitely being used. If he never takes you out, then it would appear that you are cheap to keep happy!!

Some women are happy to be a mistress and carry on with their lives with other relationships too. However there are few than can carry on with such a situation and be happy about it.

So as I have said before look at a person’s behaviour not at what they say. Do they follow through with what they have promised to you?

If you have been a mistress for a while, then you can say that you are going to stay being a mistress.

One way to test your relationship is to tell them to come back once they have got a divorce or are actually separated. I think that you will have a long wait!!

Could you live with someone who has cheated on you? – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

This is a very difficult situation as each relationship is different.

If your partner has had a fling with someone at work for instance and you know that they are seeing each other daily, even though the fling has finished, it would be very difficult to forgive.

It is the trust that will hit you; you would be thinking if he or she was late from work were they seeing each other again.

You would be quite in order to ask them to leave that work place as a sign that the fling is definitely finished.

Can you forgive them without searching through their pockets and their phone if you have the chance, and checking up on them and do it on a constant basis.

If not it will eat at you and you will find your relationship will be doomed.

You have to be able to forgive and trust your partner. Trust has to be earned and built up, only then will you will able to repair the damage done to your relationship.

However some people in relationships put up with their partner cheating, some cheating regularly.

The reason many don’t leave their relationship is because it just suits them.

Perhaps they are willing to put up with things because they have financial security or status of some kind.

Maybe they feel they can have relationships too.

Others can feel trapped in the relationship and cannot find the momentum to do anything about it, so they just put up with everything.

We are all entitled to be happy, so after living with someone for a while, you find that you cannot forgive them, well the answer is to move on and not waste your life.