Would you have a clairvoyant reading? by Elizabeth Rose

Many people have a reading to see into their future.

However, many don’t because they don’t believe in it, or don’t see the point.

Every autumn monarch butterflies, migrate three thousand miles from America to Mexico.

So how do they know where they are going, a little flimsy butterfly going all that way?

Maybe if they could speak, they would say follow me.

So obviously they have a natural in-built sense that tells them which way to go.

So, a clairvoyant has a similar built in feeling that tells them during a reading the way their client must go, and give them the help and guidance that they want.

A clairvoyant cannot always just give information on demand, like ask for the lottery numbers for instance.

If they did, I am sure they would keep them to themselves!!!

But the clairvoyant will wait for the information to arrive, that is why sometimes you get fragments of information, but other times complete situations and predictions.

The dis-believers amongst us are perhaps lacking in this natural instinct and often have little empathy for others making it difficult to give them a reading.

A client who is receptive will get a better reading than someone who is demanding and suspicious.

As well as being very spiritual many of our clairvoyants have other qualifications, some are qualified councillors and can help their clients in many areas.

Clients often ask for advice as well as ask for a reading and they are only too willing to help.

A clairvoyant is someone who can see the future.

A medium is someone who can contact someone who has passed away.

A psychic can give you predictions and solve problems.

So, if you would like a glimpse of your future, maybe so that you can put long term plans into place, or want help solving a problem why not book a reading with one of our excellent clairvoyants or mediums?