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Paul is a down-to-earth Sensitive who has been living, breathing, studying, consulting with and teaching Tarot for almost 40 years. He usually describes himself as a “Direct Clairvoyant” or as a “Seer”. Pauls reading style is incisive, empathic, sometimes challenging yet practical and straightforward, he will only ever convey what he senses with authenticity and integrity – this may not be what you want to hear, or perhaps, expect to hear! There is absolutely no mumbo-jumbo involved in Pauls readings. He believes that reading the energy around people is as real as sound waves and the unseen currents that power light bulbs! Paul works Monday 12-4pm & 6-10pm, Tuesday 12-4pm & 6-9pm, Wednesday 12-6pm & Friday 12-4pm & 6-9pm.

Payment is taken over the phone simply and securely using a credit card.

CALL 01623 625745 (UK) or +44 1623 625745 (International)

A 20 minute reading is £33.95, a 30 minute reading is £45.50

CALL 01623 625745 (UK) or +44 1623 625745 (International)


  • Paul, Wow! You are the real deal! Thank You so much for not just the accuracy but also how easy you were to talk to!

    We got cut off due to time but I definitely will be talking to you again, thank you


    James Slater, January 2024
  • Just had another reading with lovely Paul. I haven’t had one with him in a couple of years. It was like talking to an old friend he got my situation spot on just as he always has. It’s too soon to say that it has happened just as he said but in my experience with Paul everything he says always happens just as he said it would. I feel at ease with my situation due to my reading with Paul he has helped me so many times before and has continued to do so today. Paul as always you are amazing, truly gifted and a true reader. Love you to bits, thanks a million love Tracy xx

    Tracy, January 2024
  • I have been talking to Paul for years and he is amazing. He is so accurate and knowledgeable about the tarot and the spiritual world. His predict ions are always so spot on. He never failed to read a situation without asking for any more information. It’s mind blowing. This beautiful soul is a real blessing and a wizard in a very positive way. The depth of his gift has no end and I would highly recommend anyone who needs a clear, honest and in depth reading to go to Paul. He will always tell you the truth and perfect guidance. Thank you so much Paul.

    Charlotte, December 2023
  • I should have done this ages ago, but I’d like to leave a review for Paul. Absolutely amazing reader, spot on with situations, events and dates, and things that no one could ever know. He is straight talking, but also kind and compassionate. Highly experienced and accurate reader, my favourite on here. Thanks Paul ❤️

    Angeline, November 2023
  • I am compelled to share my thoughts about Paul after my first life-changing reading with him in 1996, and thanks to the wonders of the internet, I tracked him down and reconnected with him, and experienced my second equally astonishing reading in October 2023, and I am still filled with awe.
    In the years since that initial reading, I’ve consulted with numerous ‘Psychic/Medium/Clairvoyants,’ and none have exhibited their talents as eloquently, gracefully and accurately as Paul. Let’s just say that each and every major event was predicted in advance, and then confirmed in my second reading!
    He’s lightning-quick, with no probing questions or tricks. His stunning accuracy has left me breathless on too many occasions. He radiates profound wisdom and true humility. However, there are a couple of critiques regarding his style that I’d like to point out…
    It’s quite evident that Paul humbles himself unnecessarily by claiming not to be a medium. In truth, he is undoubtedly a very gifted medium, and he provided me with the most compelling evidence I’ve ever had, on two separate occasions!
    Paul also apologised for persistently challenging me, which, in my opinion, he should continue to do, because he effortlessly dismantled my defences, even conquering my poor memory using only a few well-chosen words. There is no reason for him to apologise. He described forgotten details with uncanny precision, unearthing memories I had long buried.
    While Paul asserts that his readings are “real, for real people in the real world,” I must disagree. In comparison to other readers, I believe that his readings are beyond real, bordering on divine intervention!
    My advice to anyone seeking guidance from Paul: Approach with an open mind and an open heart. Release your expectations, listen to what he brings through, take time to absorb it and prepare to undergo a profound transformation.
    Paul, thank you for your extra, extra, extraordinary gift.
    Love and Light xxx

    Louise, November 2023
  • Paul is a cheat-code for life!
    He senses stuff before it happens and gives you the needed info and understanding to deal with what’s coming up!!
    Even though he doesn’t want to know your question or the subject matter – he is able to tune in accurately.
    He’s seen / touched my life, past, present AND future, and offers guidance, insight and realisations.
    I had my 5th reading in June 2023 – it’s now November, and I had to write this testimonial as things continue to happen just as he described and predicted. He brings so many layers into the reading, and all with incredible details – things he just could not know!
    Cheers Paul – you’re a cut above the rest – 100 stars.
    – CC

    CC, November 2023
  • Paul is a authentic and accurate reader. I have had readings from Paul for going on a year now. His predictions have always been accurate and his kindness and honesty is respectful and heart warming. I was having an issue with the Home Office processing my citizenship. The processing time has passed the SLA by months and this caused me anxiety. Paul told me and I quote, ” i see your citizenship being approved on the 22 September”. I always respect and believe the readings Pauls give, but because of the delay, there was a bit of doubt in the back of my mind that the Home Office would deliver. Well, my ordeal ended exactly on the date Paul predicted. On the afternoon of the 22nd September, a letter came through my mailbox from the Home Office telling me my citizenship was approved. from that moment everything happened in record time, two days later I had my citizenship ceremony and two and a half weeks later, I held my British passport in my hands. I was Euphoric and could not wait to tell Paul. This proves the authenticity and vision of a great Psychic. Paul is the real deal and I am ever grateful to him for his straightforwardness and honesty. This is not the first time Paul has predicted an event or change in my life. I highly recommend Paul to anyone who is seeking the truth in a direct, honest and respectful way.

    MN, October 2023
  • Hi, I wanted to leave a review for Paul as I was really impressed. He was a whirlwind of energy and talked a LOT which required me to really concentrate cos so much information was coming my way… He got spot on accurate dates of the year I met my husband and the year we got married, and summarised people and things that happened in a very accurate way. I don’t know yet whether what he said will come true, but I can only say that the accuracy of how he saw my life right now was really impressive and I just HAD to leave a review and say thanks

    V, September 2023
  • A truly extraordinary reading . So much information from my late husband – (he was a great judge of character ) info no one could know .
    Trust Paul to deliver an honest accurate reading . Unique and true to himself . A very gifted man .
    Exceptional …
    Thankyou Paul
    I shall check in again soon x

    J, August 2023
  • I have never had a reading like it. Paul is beyond charismatic and unbelievably gifted. The accuracy with no help has astonished me. Can’t wait for the next one Paul, thanks so much. X

    A, August 2023
  • Paul – you have blown it out the park. WOW.
    I spoke to you for the first and only time in Feb, you picked stuff up from the past, described the current situation and told me what would happen in summer. TBH I couldn’t see how it could happen, so I really didn’t believe you!
    I was so wrong – sincere apologies.
    You were bang on.
    It unfolded exactly as you predicted in incredible detail.
    Best reader I’ve spoken with by far ! I cannot Recommend You Enough it was Truly Amazing.

    DT, August 2023
  • I have spoken to many very talented readers on ER and apart from one bad review, all the reviews were good for Paul so I very keen to try this reader. Sadly, this was not a good experience. Paul kept going back to a period of time not related in any way to my current situation and circumstances I was wanting guidance on. The reading made no sense and he kept explaining the cards not anything referring to me. Sadly, wasted my money. Anon

    Anon, August 2023
  • Amazing reading! Hit the nail on the head with so many things. Looking forward to being triumphant in July/August. Thanks so much Paul!

    JA, June 2023
  • I simply have to leave this testimonial for Paul. He is an absolute star! I have had a few readings with Paul over a couple of years and two recently in quick succession, he is totally unique in the way he delivers and always spot on. Even when sometimes I can’t see the relevance I go back back to my notes after a few weeks and it all makes sense. I don’t know how he does it but seriously it’s scary. I’ve never had a bad reading from him. Sometimes I simply listen, say nothing and I can see the truth unfold and I have a smile on my face because it’s all so spot on! He is clear, no waffle, the interpretations are in tune with what’s going on in my life and around me and he gives me the warnings or the reassurances that I need. He has just given me one today and I’ll know soon enough whether it unfolds as predicted and I’ll be sure to be on here again very soon giving an update. I know some people have already said you won’t regret a reading with Paul….I’ll go further and say you’d be crazy not to contact him. He is a marvel. Four stars all the way. Thank you Paul . Best wishes .

    S, May 2023
  • Very disappointed with reading complete wrong outcome.

    Amon, May 2023
  • The most amazing reading I have ever received thank you Paul!
    I was in such a dark place and you brought the light in thank you.
    The weight has been lifted off my shoulders, thank you Paul.

    Hannah, May 2023
  • Thank you so much for your amazingly accurate reading. You tell it as it is with no sugar coating which was really needed for the empath in me. The only way forward for me now is to put the focus on me in my relationship. You are truly gifted Paul and you have positively changed my mind set and I can’t thank you enough for that. I will definitely have another reading with you in the future. Thanks again Denyse

    Denyse, May 2023
  • He is the ‘real-deal’, unique and accurate….

    My first reading with Paul was 4 years ago, so this testimonial is well overdue.
    I’ve had 4 wicked readings with Paul over the years, and waited to see if his predictions were legit! With his ‘Seer’ ability he has described the core people in my life (physically, emotionally, mentally, etc), and also picked up on most of the situations I have to deal with (family, relationship, business, etc). All with absolute accuracy. Incredibly, he mentioned names and surnames (really unique ones, not the more common ones like Smith or Jones).
    What’s weird is that he has never known what I am asking about! Still he is able to tune in and answer or guide me with clarity. He describes what he sees in a no-nonsense, matter-of-fact way, with no gimmicks, no time-wasting, and straight to the point, which is rare and truly admirable. He sticks to what he gets, and I’m glad he does – even if I have argued with him once or twice (lol) as it doesn’t make sense to me at the time – because it really does make perfect sense later!
    And, I can now say that his predictions are also ‘on-point’.
    He is my only ‘go-to’ Clairvoyant as he has proved beyond any of my doubts, time and time again, that he is connected to something deeper / bigger – you really are special Paul – thank you.


    CC, April 2023
  • I have consulted many Direct Clairvoyant’s/Seer’s during my years and I say with the utmost conviction, that Paul stands in the highest realms. Paul is the purest when it comes to accuracy, truth and saying it as it is. He does not sugar coat things, which would water down the truth and make the message meaningless. I know when he speaks that it’s the truth I hear and that which I resonate in mind and spirit. While relaying the reading, he is also gentle and reassuring. I know that when I hear his words, its what I need to hear , not what I want to hear. Paul’s accuracy has proven himself to be a true medium of highly developed and prophetic insight. If you are seeking a Clairvoyant that will give you what you need to help you on your path, then pick up the phone an book a session with Paul.
    Letting this opportunity pass you by would be doing yourself a injustice.

    Michael, March 2023
  • I spoke to several readers regarding a situation, Paul was the only one who predicted the outcome ! I have used Paul over a long period of time and is no nonsense style of reading is most helpful in life’s journey . So if you seek a genuine reader Paul is definitely your man !!

    Colin, March 2023
  • An incredible reading by Paul, not only did he pick up specifically what I was wanting to talk about but he also nailed everything spot on!

    He brought through details that he couldn’t have known, he has a very positive and calming influence which left me feeling so happy about

    If you want a genuine reader then this is the guy! If I could give 6 stars I would

    James Slater, March 2023
  • Thanks Paul for your reading tonight. Very straight talking and bold with the truth. Very scary how accurate you were . You were very clear and it s made me really think about things in life. You have out a smile on my face.
    Kind regards Elaine

    Elaine, January 2023
  • A brilliant reader, empathetic and very patient
    Paul will not waste your time with questions.
    He is gifted and his readings are spot on
    I have been having readings with him for years and he never didsapoints me even when his predictions are not the ones I want to hear because his ability to pick up and interpret future events is amazing

    Maria, December 2022
  • I had a reading with Paul and didn’t find it overly useful. Paul kept repeating about something that had happened back in 2019 and I couldn’t relate to it at all. I was more interested in the future and he just seemed to waffle around it. Maybe it was just me….

    Charlotte, October 2022
  • I was looking for a detailed reading with an experienced clairvoyant for a while and I decided to try Paul after reading his reviews. First, he kindly introduced himself and told me about his style of reading. He did not ask me anything before the reading, but my date of birth. I was shocked how accurate he was with everything he said about me. He does not play around and he is straight to the point. I felt like we connected very quickly. He was very fluent, friendly and honest. You can tell how professional he is from the way he speaks to his clients. I really appreciated how he explained every card in detail and let me to ask questions when I was not very clear. I enjoyed every second of my reading, I highly recommend him. Thank you very much for your time Paul, I definitely stayed longer than I expected 🙂

    Hejan, August 2022
  • Three years ago I first contacted Paul and was completely blown away. I had never had a reading or anything like this before. Every detail to my question which Paul was not aware of was revealed and answered in the reading.

    Move forward to today. Today I have just had my second reading with Paul.
    Right from the very beginning everything was spot on, Paul even saw what I was doing minutes before our conversation, cutting wood with a chop saw, saw dust everywhere.
    Paul saw what I asked and answered, closing a business of 25 years, starting a new business and all the horrible feared bits in between.
    My questions have been answered and given me that extra bit of strength that I so needed, the knowing. And now with that I can see more clearly to finish what I see as this battle, then move forward with my life.

    Paul has an amazing gift.
    Thank you so much for time Paul.

    Definitely will be back in contact when I’m at a junction point in my life.

    Kind regards

    James, August 2022
  • For a while now, I have been on a journey to find a Reader / Clairvoyant whom I can connect with one every level and trust. Today the Universe looked favourably on me and opened the door to the chosen one, Paul. From the moment I was in contact with Paul, it was as though my life was an open scroll and what Paul said was 100% accurate and given in a truthful and mindful way. It was as though there was an invisible channel between myself and Paul. His reading is clear and understandable. To keep this short, I have come away feeling completely reinvigored and able to understand my thought process better and how to change it to effect the very changes I have been longing for and which Paul spoke about without my having to offer any information. What makes Paul so real is his Psychic ability to read a persons scroll of life in a matter of minutes and offer up hope and confirm the solution which is already within us. I recommend Paul to the highest degree, he is honest, kind, direct and REAL. If you are serious about what you are seeking and the information and person you want, is the ‘real deal’ per sè, then contact Paul. Clairvoyants like Paul are like a needle in a hay stack, they are very few. He is a blessing to those who come to him. He helped change my here and now today. Michael

    Michael, August 2022
  • He knows you know! Dear Paul gives an interesting reading full of detail. I was interested to learn more about the tarot and how the cards related to me. Thank you Paul for such a lovely reading. Love and light.

    Sylvia, June 2022
  • I have been having readings with Paul for some time now and he is truly awesome, kind, funny and incredibly accurate with his readings. He is so non-judgemental and explains all aspects of the reading. The guidance he has given me I really can’t thank him enough. Paul also gives fantastic advice and is really encouraging leaving you feeling completely in control and positive. Paul doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, he just reads the truth and I love that. I can ask Paul anything and he just gets it. He isn’t just a reader I go to he has become a friend who I completely trust and he is on your side. Thank you for just being Paul and awesome

    Nikki, June 2022
  • Paul is an astonishingly unique reader with a quality all his own. Upon my quest to find a reader with whom I connect, I came across Paul. At first, I was skeptical about a reader who didn’t want me to tell him anything at all in at the beginning of the reading; he trusted wholly and souly, his guides and the path they would take him in the opening of the reading. Turned out that I loved it..! I truly can say that I had all of my questions answered (and more), in a way that I could not have even imagined. Ask for Paul, you will have no regrets—he’s honest, open and receptive and bold with the truth… And what about his unique style of bringing your life story into the light ? Amazing. Love you Paul.

    Sharon, May 2022
  • Paul is a lovely, kind and compassionate reader and exceptionally skilled at his art of tarot and clairvoyance. ‘The truth will set you free’ seems like an apt phrase for what Paul does. Paul will bring the absolute truth of your situation, with integrity, and show you your options for the way forward. This, to me, feels like kindness. I’ve had several readings with Paul, over the last four years, and predictions have ALL turned out to be accurate over the coming months, whether these were welcome or not so welcome predictions. He has always reminded me of my own strength in facing challenges. The reading I had yesterday was spookily accurate with what’s going on in my life at this moment in time, also with exact dates and events happening in coming months (which I already have planned so know they are happening – he was right!). He let me know that this is a very significant moment in my life, and it felt really good acknowledging this moment, with a reading from someone I trust… like a rite of passage. If you want a reading from someone so very skilled and trustworthy, with 40 year’s experience (and this comes across from the depth of his readings), go for Paul.

    Charlotte, May 2022
  • I started my readings with Paul about 1 year ago.i can truly say it has been an arduous journey for both of us but every time he was spot on understanding and non judgmental. He is a phenomenal reader who takes the time to explain each segment of the path you are taking and is accurate.thank you Paul even though I have given you a hard time on occasion

    Iliana, April 2022
  • Thank you, Paul – so interesting. We were cut off, but I very much got the gist of what you were referring to and appreciate your sensible advice. I feel better for having spoken with you and I will heed your words.

    Many thanks.

    Caroline, April 2022
  • I have had sparse readings through the years with Paul.
    Paul’s readings are brutally honest, and nothing short of extraordinary. Without framing a question aloud, Paul’s reading dives deep into you, your inner emotions, motivations, the past, the present, the connections involved and the future. It always picked up the now, the how, why and the who. Paul peels the onion layers away of your situation.

    Paul offers guidance but it’s entirely up to you to act. When I first consulted him, the readings were difficult (major road bumps period) though entirely true. I just didn’t want to fully believe.

    After more than a year since our last reading, I returned to Paul. The reading are now a joy and show my progression, my take on life. They picked up all that I have done, deep under the surface, the decisions I’m coming to. I am so thrilled to see how much I’ve grown and that this energy manifests in the reading.

    Paul is on your side, no matter how direct, difficult what he tells you is. You’ll understand what really is at play.
    Thank you!!

    P, February 2022
  • Paul’s readings are refreshingly lucid and direct, without sacrificing depth and detail. While he is empathic, he is arrow-like with his interpretations and guidance and has supported me to realign when necessary, helping me to gauge the best course of action. Whether the reading has been overwhelmingly positive or an opportunity to course correct, I have felt stronger and lighter after understanding my circumstances through the lens of the cards. Paul has great integrity – a path watcher as well as a seer.

    M, January 2022
  • I have had a few readings with Paul in a concentrate amount of time. He is consistent and thorough.
    When speaking to him, it was like seeing an honest reflection of my mind, soul and life circumstances.
    He really does want what’s best for his clients and cares. He is so real and honest and manages to present your life with such clarity and consideration. Will not sugarcoat or tell you what you want to hear. Sincere and very gifted.
    I look forward to taking his advice on board and making those fundamental changes.
    Incredible man, with an incredible gift. And a humble way of handling it.

    Eleanor, January 2022
  • I am an ex-military guy and having served, and seen some really bad, sad things in the real world. I really didn’t believe in any of this stuff – until now. Paul gave my new girlfriend (3 months) a reading sometime last year in the summer – before we had even met each other. He told her how, and when, we would meet (during Covid Lockdown) and got both exactly right. He apparently gave her loads of info about me (which was disturbing) but he was bang-on with age, job, specific tattoos, dogs name and description… In her reading, he also gave a message to pass onto me when we met – which was weird. He told her that I should contact my Ex as she had information in an Xmas Card that would ‘change my life’. Not believing in this stuff and very reluctant to call my ex (bad ending), I decided to call him instead, to prove that it was all garbage. I told him nothing about me, I even used a different name, and he freaked me out with the stuff he said and could not have known. I was adopted as a baby and never knew my biological family. He knew that my biological brother had traced me to an old address (the Exs). He knew about a letter from him (in a Xmas card), and he knew that he wanted to meet up!
    I am now a believer.
    Paul, thank you from my heart, and from my big brother and all my new family. You’re one freaky guy !
    Mark. (Brad)

    Mark, January 2022
  • Paul is an exceptional tarot reader and psychic. I’ve had four readings with him now, over about three years. I made notes of things he said, and everything has come to pass. I spoke with him last year, shortly before I relocated to a different area. I recently spoke to him and he picked up on a big challenge that I’ve recently overcome, and he reassured me that things would continue in this way. I feel uplifted and like I can trust what he says, based on the accuracy of the prior readings. He’s very articulate, accurate, compassionate and with his own unique style. Will also cover a lot of detail in your reading. Highly recommended.

    Charlotte, January 2022
  • Well what can I say about Paul……..I had a reading with Paul yesterday and he was nothing but honest, sincere and will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear- which is not always easy, but fully necessary. Paul picked up on my personality, strengths and my shadow areas.
    He will not sugar coat or soften anything he tells you. You have to be ready and open and most importantly willing to listen and take on board everything for your own well- being. Paul is only concerned with what’s best for you and you can genuinely feel that in his reading. He is direct, no-nonsense and delivers with compassion and in a very humorous way. His reading was spookily accurate and the advice and guidance he gives is incredible. After the reading, I feel empowered and looking forward to a new chapter in my life. Thank you Paul! You have helped to shed light where it needs to shine and left me feeling cared for and excited for life- which I haven’t felt for a long time. ❤️

    Eleanor, January 2022
  • Paul has been my psychic guide and go to reader for the last 3 years. For 2021 Paul told me that I would purchase my home, pass my driving test and saw a new job in the horizon for me several months beforehand. I don’t even know why I bothered doubting him, as every single prediction he has made for me has always come to pass. This year was no different
    Paul you amazing human. Love ya long time x

    Simona, December 2021
  • What an incredible reading.
    His descriptions were outstandingly accurate and there was a significant shift in the reading which mirrored how I’ve reassessed and steered my ship since we last spoke (over a year ago). As others say, Paul tells truths that need to be told. These aren’t necessarily those that we want or hoped for.
    I look forward to what has been seen.
    Thank you.

    Linda, December 2021
  • I absolutely Love Paul, he has been reading for me for years now. I’ve had many readings, but Paul is the one who gets it Correct for me every time. We connect so well and the information just flows. I love that he never sugar coats anything, he’s very direct and doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you what you need to hear. His predictions have came true time and time again and have always been spot on over the years. If I have a problem I know that Paul will give me the answer and it will happen just as he said it would. He is also the only reader who brings my best friend through from spirit with validation after validation of things he could not possibly have known about. Paul has that WOW factor, genuine psychic and lovely to talk to, we always have a giggle too. Thanks a million Paul for all your help and guidance. love Tracy and Jack xx

    Tracy, May 2021
  • Wow wow wow ! Thank you so much Paul for an amazing reading ! You helped me see exactly what I needed to do and deal with an issue I had been avoiding for so long. With your look ahead I have taken action and changed things around completely and I am so much happier as a result. You are brilliant and I had to write this testimonial so that I can share with others just what a difference a reading with you can do 🙂 Thank you

    Amy, April 2021
  • Paul is a truly gifted reader. I have been coming to him for support and guidance for many years across all aspects of my life including relationships, career and family. He has an amazing gift that allows him to get straight to the heart of the matter without the need for any information. His insight and accuracy are beyond belief and he has helped me through some really challenging times and given me hope and vision that I will get there no matter what. No sugar coating, he will tell you as it is not what you want to hear, but believe me, having had many readings from other clairvoyants or mediums, this man is the best. Please don’t hesitate to have a reading with Paul – he might just make the difference to your life that he has to mine.

    Joanie, April 2021
  • I have had regular readings with Paul for 22 years and during this time he has predicted correctly every single time on every aspect of my life.No nonsense, no time wasting just down to earth and extremely accurate it really is as simple as that. He will summarise your current situation within the first few minutes and then move on with his predictions. If you want to hear the truth call him now.

    Anonymous, March 2021
  • I been using moon predictions for 2 years. Paul has been guiding me for that amount of time: he has never steered me in the wrong direction, He has never been wrong, he has accurately predicted my life these last couple of years.. so thank you Paul. So direct no nonsense and just.. well accurate X

    Simz, February 2021
  • I recently had a reading w Paul (Jan 2021). Paul’s style of reading is unique. He starts off by asking your name an dob. Then without given any information he tells you what he sees. This is my third reading with Paul. I continue to come back due to his accuracy as well as insight. He is able to interpret the card’s with such great detail. Paul’s predictions are always on point! I love how he is straightforward an will NEVER to tell you what you want to hear. I find it to be a challenge to find a good reader. Once you read w Paul trust you won’t look elsewhere.

    Avery, January 2021
  • This is my second testimonial for Paul. I have to write this as I continue to be astounded by his amazing ability and accuracy. I had a reading with him last week and everything he said pretty much materialised within 48 hours!!! He is consistent and the detail around the situation is absolutely correct and the predictions have been spot on. No other reader has been this accurate and I have had many readings with others before. An absolute godsend and sorry he may hate me saying this but… are amazing and brilliant Paul and I know after many readings with you what you see does materialise…..if you want straightforward answers and the truth ….call Paul. It might not be what you expect or want to hear but better to have the truth now than waste time on hope and illusion. Thank you Paul. SB

    SB, November 2020
  • I have just had a second reading with Paul and he is amazing. He reads different compared to other readers but he picks on the energy around you and is able to give you details. It feels like speaking to a friend. He tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. I will be calling Paul again as he will now be by go to reader.

    Rachell, October 2020
  • Paul has read for me a few times over the last 6months and I think he is absolutely amazing. He doesn’t want any information from you at the beginning he prefers to see what he gets from the cards first and everytime he has been spot on! With phrases and dates from the past that has provided me with the closure I desperately needed. I am hopeful his predictions for a new job will come in when he said, fingers crossed. Thank you Paul I look forward to speaking to you again soon!

    Gemma, August 2020
  • I had a great reading with Paul who was highly accurate and more than that he gave me the kick in ass I needed to make a decision. An incredibly nice guy, frank and direct but courteous and kind and I would highly recommend him. Though I was reserved at the beginning, having never done an online reading before, I am delighted that I did because Paul put things in perspective for me in a way that I could not see myself and for that I am very grateful. Thank you

    D, August 2020
  • This is a testimonial for Paul. For a whole year this man has been an absolute star for me, his predictions have always continued to materialise and he never gets it wrong for me. Over this year he has become my most trusted seer.. He is warm, kind-hearted and genuinely cares about his clients.. His incredible and an absolute asset to Elizabeth Rose

    S, August 2020
  • I had my first reading with Paul in May – he didn’t tell me what I expected and wanted to hear – in fact, I had readings from other readers and sites that confirmed the opposite so it couldn’t be right that Paul was right at all. 2 1/2 months later – I found out painfully, he was right down to the wire. I called him back and he confirmed more to me and also told me what to expect going forward now that a horrid Ex was out of my life. I will feedback once matters have materialised, but I have a new hopeful situation developing which I was really unsure about, but Paul gave me tons of hope and thought this was going to be much better for me. I will certainly feedback again, but wow, I trust his judgement implicitly. Its hard enough in life to get some guidance to know in what direction to travel, but Paul is a brilliant signpost and his readings and facts are accurate – truly. Thank you Paul.

    SB, August 2020
  • Paul, I am SO sorry that I got cut off. My service provider hangs up after a set amount of time on these lines for some reason. I did try to call back and use your PIN several times but to no avail! I will most definitely be scheduling another reading with you soon.
    Paul was astonishing. The real deal and I defy any sceptic to speak with him and still leave the conversation disbelieving. He got EVERYTHING spot on and only asked me one question – and that was if I had the bill-payer’s permission! I was amazed by his insight. He also picked up on personal other areas of my life that I hadn’t initially called to discuss, which was extremely helpful. He explained to me that he is a clairvoyant and that his job is to convey what is being shown to him, not necessarily always to directly predict the future on a topic of your choice which I struggled to understand before (due to needing to always be in control!).
    He advised me to take back my power and do things on my terms as opposed to being manipulated by everybody else which I most definitely will take on board. I’m really like forward to calling you back in a month or so’s time to update you on things and see how things have then changed. I will be working hand until then!

    Thank you again, Paul. What a truly kind and genuine, caring man.

    Olivia, June 2020
  • Speak to Paul now, if you need the most accurate insight and honest guidance.

    I just had the most profound reading experience with Paul, I am in awe of his gift! He described my situation with extreme precision without me giving any information at all, he mentioned past dates that were significant in my life I was stunned! He is wise, intelligent, he gave such good advice with his insight and spoke with such clarity and wisdom..I was hooked and stayed on so much longer than anticipated but it was a chat that was much needed at this time of my life where I have been feeling so low, lost and confused. I feel I have been given the food for thought I need at this moment in time to make the appropriate reflections and shift my focus in order to fix whatever is making me unhappy in the right way.

    Thank you Paul so much, I do feel empowered… you have no idea what our chat meant to me today or maybe you do you are truly gifted after all x

    Eva, January 2020
  • I spoke with Paul for the first time today . He is truly gifted and incredibly accurate with his readings. He was able to tell me exactly how I was feeling and why , and gave an accurate description of the current events in my life . (Without me giving any information to him at all)He is professional and to the point ,telling you exactly what you need to hear , which is very refreshing. In saying this he is extremely understanding, with an non judge-mental approach and has a genuine passion for what he does.I felt completely at ease while talking to him , I feel he can really connect with ,and understand any age group and personality type! He gave me clarity and guidance which is something I’ve been needing ! I’m very grateful for the reading I received today.I could not recommend Paul highly enough and will definitely be having another in the future! Thank you Paul!

    Eilish, January 2020
  • Oh my days, Paul is simply superb. I experienced a reading with him which was truly authentic and inspiring. Paul is a highly intelligent reader and very straightforward , caring and compassionate. He will guide and empower you. His way of reading for the client is a little different but it is incredible how accurate he is. I came away from my reading feeling so positive, enlightened and inspired. Paul is a true gentleman, a lovely soul and I would urge anyone to go to him for a reading as you will not be disappointed. Just superb!

    Lisa, October 2019
  • You need to post this testimonial for Paul, he is a kind, caring, compassionate and scarily scarily accurate, he calls himself a clairvoyant, no he is way more than that, he is exactly what his description says, he is a seer.. I have had readings with him time and time again, even times he says something while his reading for me and what he says happens while I’m on the phone to him, once he predicted that someone was going to turn up at my work place with gifts, he even told em their star sign. He was bang on, it came in 10 mins after… if that!!! His been spot on in my feelings and emotions and has guided me in a difficult time., I trust him and everything and I mean everything he says always comes in for me. we are all in charge of our own fate/free will, but yet he still reads me like a book. Love this guy and I will continue going to him for his excellent gift, but also for his valuable intellect/advice and guidance.

    SW, October 2019
  • This man is simply amazing. How he does it I don’t know but he’s not just close; he’s spot on every single time. Whatever he says is true and said with compassion and he just gets it right all the time. Please have a reading with him while you can and have a pen handy; so much of what he says will make sense immediately or definitely make sense in a few weeks time. Paul; thank you never seems enough. Speak soon and thank you for being my rock and voice of reason throughout a very difficult time. You were there with me from start to finish. Please people; have a reading with Paul ; there is no way on this earth that you would be disappointed. The most humble, kind and sweetest reader (even if he does try and hide it! Lol..) I have ever known. Thank you; you’re the best.

    A from London, August 2019
  • Paul is absolutely amazing. If you’ve been looking for someone that connects to you, for someone that doesn’t change their mind, someone that doesn’t waste your time and someone who is direct with compassion, then speak to Paul. He has been fabulous in predictions and explaining situations and he never asks for any information! He is the best. We all know it takes ages to find that one reader that can read for us where it all makes sense; when you speak to Paul your search will be over. A truly gifted psychic with a real talent. Thanks for everything Paul; I’ll end how I started; you’re amazing.

    A, July 2019
  • am actually embarrassed at taking so long to write this testimonial for Paul who is the most amazing and honest reader I have spoken to. Accurate and no nonsense and genuinely caring his readings are brimmed with overflowing information and specific to the questions you have. Non judgemental and precise; you are doing yourself an injustice if you haven’t spoken to him yet. Call him as he’s the man with the answers! Thanks Paul. You’ve helped so much xx
    A from London

    A, April 2019
  • I would like to leave a review for Paul . I have spoken to Paul for a number of years and I hung up the first time I spoke to him because he didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear ! But as time passed his predictions came true . I now rely on Paul for advice as he is 100% genuine and tells you as it is !! All his predictions, especially timings regarding meetings etc are spot on !! If you want a clear honest reading with accurate predictions Paul is your man. Paul is a honest genuine reader whose predictions I wholly trust .Thank you so much for keeping me sane .

    Coln, March 2019
  • Had a few reading with Paul and think he has a gift and tells how it is etc… Last year I rang with a question in mind but all he could see was something completely different that was going to happen – so he had to stop the reading as thought he was not connecting .. guess what? What he saw came true and I was shocked as he was very precise about people in another country to do with me. Genuine reader.

    Trevor, February 2019
  • A big thank you to Paul for his amazing readings. Paul gets straight to the point and amazes me with his accuracy and picked up on all the things going on in my life. You won’t be disappointed.

    Anon, November 2018
  • Paul is an amazing reader ! You will not be disappointed . I have regular readings and he never fails to know exactly what is going on in my life … he brings insight and guidance when I need it most. I have had readings over many years with various readers and would not hesitate to say that Paul is the most gifted and I wouldn’t think of using anyone else now . I have recommended him to friends and family and everyone of them has had the same opinion . If you’re looking for a reading that will blow you away with accuracy and honesty Paul is for you.

    Joan, October 2018
  • Paul was a great no nonsense reader who honed in on my situation very quickly. He accurately described what I am going through at the moment and made some interesting predictions for the near future. I look forward to writing an updated review when they come to pass.

    Louisa, October 2018
  • What an amazing reading with Paul. Picked up on all areas of my life with honesty and mind blowing accuracy. Paul is the real deal and one of the best I have ever had read for me.

    Barbara, October 2018
  • Paul carried out a reading for me today. He is a Clairvoyant of excellence by anybody’s standards in my opinion. Paul prefers that you listen to his reading first, without interruption unless absolutely necessary and I was thankful for that. What I did wish however, is that I had had a pen and paper to hand to note down and tell him about how all of the many facets of what he was saying were absolutely true and could surely have made sense only to me – there were so many I felt that I wouldn’t remember them all to recount back to him, especially as they were so detailed. Recently bereaved, which Paul couldn’t have known until I told him later, he verified exactly where I had come from, what my current situation was and helped me to see the positives and where the future could lead. He knew that I had a creative and a business side and accurately pinpointed my writing skills which I have long wished to revisit on a more pragmatic basis though this was not to the fore of my mind when I rang. He knew of the Gemini who wanted so much for me in the future and I felt reassured and a great sense of inner peace. My grieving will continue as it should but with a light at the end of the tunnel beckoning which I feel confident I can work towards without taking anything away from the loss of someone so dear to me for the better part of fifty years. Paul makes it clear that he is not a Medium but there was much to confirm that my dear Gemini was close at hand.

    Carolyn, July 2018
  • Paul is amazing. He did a reading for me 9 years ago, predicting the recent end of my marriage. Not only was he right, but he also got the timing right. I tracked him down after 9 years so I could do another reading with him. Despite the fact that I say nothing at all to him, he is uncannily accurate, and delivers the information in a straight and honest way, while being compassionate. He really is gifted, and I have told all my friends to see him. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for some guidance and clarity.

    Caroline, June 2018
  • I contacted Paul earlier this year with an issue I was facing. Straight away, Paul told me he didn’t want any information and to tune into the situation. As soon as he started talking I couldn’t believe how well tuned in he was! But he didn’t just tell me about the situation he also gave fantastic advice on how to deal with it. Because Paul was so good I have had another reading with him regarding another situation I was in, again from the first sentence I knew he had picked up on my issue and gave me some excellent advice. What I am most impressed about about is his kindness and accuracy of the problem, how to move forward and leaves you feeling back in control. I will 100% be contacting Paul in the future as his approach is amazing. Thank you Paul.

    Nikki, June 2018
  • I would like to leave feedback for Paul. Paul really hit the nail on the head he was spot on in everything he said to me today. He is honest and direct which I appreciate. He even brought my best friend through from spirt which was amazing giving information he could not have possibly known and the name of the person in question. The reading was so helpful to me giving great advice which makes allot of sense, and I have every faith in his predictions as he has been right in the past for me also. Thanks a million Paul you have a true gift and I’m very greatful that you shared it with me today giving me great insight and advice on my path forward. T xx

    Tracy, June 2018
  • This was my first, but not last, reading with Paul and without any prompting was spot on with the current situation and successfully tracked back to the initial incident which had (will no longer have) a direct effect on the way in which I deal with my emotions and relationships. Thank you for the insight which will be invaluable. Sharon x

    Sharon, May 2018
  • I have been having readings with Paul for more than 3 years. He is a star! Accurate and compassionate. He predicted I would find a new job and that I would move when I was desperate for a change. He is very down to earth and does not tell people what they want to hear. What is amazing is that he does not ask the client questions but does the spread and talks about what he sees-and he is always spot on! Five stars.

    Maria, April 2018
  • If you want an accurate reading and true to you- Paul is the guy! I have spoken to Paul on two separate occasions. Both predictions have been very informative and true even from not disclosing any information to him. Paul is very nice but straight forward- which is something I admire and the reason for returning back to him for another reading. He is not one to waste your money or time. Paul has always told me how it is and never told me something he didn’t truly feel. His advice is 100% accurate and everything he has said so far has happened. I will definitely return for more advice and predictions. Thank you Paul!

    Sarvahni, March 2018
  • ‘ Paul is a very charming man who really hit the nail on the head with me. I gave no info, just did what was instructed to do, say nothing, but butt in if I need too (which shouldn’t be a problem for you being a Scorpio 🙂 ) Hilarious!
    From start to finish he nailed my mish/mash life and what he didn’t understand – I did! Gave lovely predictions for next year, and really gave me a positive outlook to things which made me positive within!
    Thank you kindly Paul, will definitely call again in few months as I certainly feel more upbeat and happy about 2018! Happy new year …

    sarah, December 2017
  • Paul was recommended to me by a friend when I was extremely confused and distressed in my long term relationship . He is just amazing ! He told me exactly what was happening without a word from me and gave me great insight into the situation and clarity on what I had been struggling to see or face up to. He didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear but made me realise how important it was to look after myself and do what’s best for me. I cannot thank him enough and recommend him to anyone who is in the same situation .Quite how he knows this stuff is mind blowing !

    Amy, October 2017
  • I had my first reading with Paul and from the moment he spoke he blew me away. His honesty and clarity are refreshing. He really taps into the person you are without yourself saying much and that’s what every person should get with a reading. Nonetheless, cannot thank him enough and I really appreciated his time and energy!

    Miri, June 2017
  • Just brilliant, told me how I was feeling and acting at this time with no info from me at all. He may as well been sitting in my house watching me.
    Saved me once again from pouring oil on the fire in a complicated relationship.
    He is 100% in what he tells me of circumstances around me. There’s always work to be done but he really is the best reader.

    S, June 2017
  • Just had a reading with Paul. I have had many readings over the years but nothing as specific as this. It was eerie how Paul was able to mention dates that events had occurred in my past and how, without any prompting from me, was able to know exactly what is currently happening in my life. By far the best reading I’ve ever had. Could have stayed on the line all day. Do yourself a favour and call him……NOW!

    Janet, June 2017
  • I have had numerous readings with Paul over a period of many years, including when he worked for a different company. At various times, he made predictions about important events in my life, and these have come to pass. I am amazed that he was able to see these outcomes before they actually happened! His insights have also helped me gain clarity on a lot of issues, including professional and personal relationships. I like it that he does not ask for any information before the start of the reading, as this gives you confidence that you are not being given answers you want to hear.

    Malwina, June 2017
  • I would like to leave a review for Paul with whom I had several readings with for the past year. His readings have been truly amazing. He always gets the situation spot on and every prediction has been really actuate, even the timing of events. Paul has a gift for untangling the source of the problems created by our own thoughts and emotional baggage. I can not emphasize enough on Paul’s ability to enlighten very difficult situations and giving people the strength to empower themselves by reading the tarot in exceptional depth. He is one of the best readers I have had. Thank you so much Paul.

    Charlotte, May 2017
  • I said nothing until he’d finished. I had to agree that most of what he had said did resonate very clearly with me. He finished by saying that the energy felt as though I was starting a new job, the cards, the excited but yet nervous etc etc that was the only way in which he felt he could convey the feeling ….. which was odd because I had phoned as I was attending and interview for a role I really wanted!! Paul knew nothing of this. However, I did get offered the role and I start next Monday. I now hope that the rest comes to pass …… Cheers Paul

    Ian, March 2017
  • Had a fantastic reading with Paul- he tells it exactly how it is and really gets to the root of the issue, there’s an absolute truth and depth to his reading that you do not find with many readers. Paul is not the type of reader to sugar coat or tell you what you want to hear but gives you fantastic insight into the deep, underlying issues of your life and what you need to do to over come them. I loved his honesty, sincerity and ability to get straight to the point of the issue. If you are expecting a reading where someone will wave a magic wand and tell you everything is going to be alright where you will not have to take action or responsibility then Paul is not for you. If you are willing to listen and accept the key issues of your life and what to do to overcome them then I thoroughly recommend Paul- the best reading I’ve had on here and I’ve had readings with most of the psychics on this site.

    Faye, February 2017
  • Paul is the only reader who has picked up the traumatic event that happened last year, and also picked up clearly on another very big sad issue that is seperate to that event. He also knew how last year had left me so very fragile and unable to see clearly. I did not tell him anything until he had given all of the correct information. Paul really has been the only one who has said exactly how it is now. Tragic events which he could see.
    He gave me some advice today, as he could see how my behaviour towards the second big issue was possibly going to effect my overall outcome.I very reluctantly took his advice today and immediately I got a response back that I feel has put me back in the drivers seat or at the very least eased my mind over a sad situation I had left on bad terms.
    It is not going to be an easy journey but I’m healing and Paul has helped me to see how I am self destructing, I need to stop going round in negatives circles. Let myself feel the real grief and come out the other side. I believe he really can see into your world, i do not get how! topped with a huge talent for cutting through to the core of your personality.
    I would only ever use Paul now.

    Anon, January 2017
  • Paul is an exceptional and talented reader – a cut above the rest! I have sought readings with Paul for many years and he always provides clarity with pragmatism and honesty. I love his direct approach and I can’t think of any reading when I haven’t laughed and felt lighter after my calls – even when matters are tough and serious. I don’t give recommendations lightly – but Paul is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to hear it as it is and move forward.

    Natalie, December 2016
  • 10 stars for Paul. He is one of the most genuine readers I’ve had. He is very accurate without needing any information from the client. He brought much clarity to my situation and guidance for the way forward. It was clear he cares greatly about using his strong gifts for the benefit of others. On top of all that he is able to bring through (and that was a lot), he talks to you like you are a dear friend – with great patience, care and concern.

    Jenni, December 2016
  • I would like to give a heartfelt recommendation for Paul.
    This was my second reading with him and I can say as an experienced Psychic/Medium who has worked with and been tutored by some high profile Mediums that I am in awe of Paul. His preferred way of reading is for him to connect with your energy and his cards and then tell YOU why you are calling.
    My reading was complex and on more than one level. He told me why I was ringing he told me what had brought me to this point with the sensitivity that the situation required.
    He told me he wasn’t a Medium ( I beg to differ) but said that if a presence makes them selves known he feels obliged to pass on what he is being told.
    Well I can assure he told me LOADS, a constant flow of faultless information with out a word being wasted. The whole of the reading (and previous one) was completely relevant and I was completely reassured of the outcomes that he has predicted.
    He got my family dynamics correct and was able to give me information about each of my children and information regarding them moving forward. There is no guess work or vague information and he doesn’t ask you he tells you. This may sound like arrogance but my experience was of a man who is a master of his craft and I am personally delighted to have found someone who works to such a wonderful high standard. I will definitely ring again as will my family and friends who I will recommend. I would also advise any aspiring Psychic Medium wherever they are on their path to ring Paul as he sets a standard that anyone would be proud to achieve.
    Well done Paul many blessings.

    CHRISTINE, December 2016
  • I have had many readings over the years, from many different readers. Paul read for me today and I was amazed at how he totally hit the nail on the head with everything he said about whats going on in my life just now. Spot on, great guy to talk to, does not paint pretty pictures which I appreciate greatly. Honest, direct Genuine psychic. Thanks a million for your help and advice. Tracy.

    Tracy, December 2016
  • Hello I just wanted to leave feedback for Paul please!
    I managed to track down Paul as he had left the last company he’d been with (thank goodness for the internet!) this alone should be a testament to how good he is, as there is no body else I wanted to have a reading with.
    I first spoke to Paul many years ago when my first marriage fell apart, and kept calling from time to time whenever I felt I needed to. To say he is good would be an understatement- he’s the best. He has always been consistent, he won’t sugar coat things – he will always be straight with you. His insights have always been right.
    Paul’s manner every time I have spoken to him not only put’s me at ease but has made me feel like I have had a talk with a good friend whom has known me my whole life. Yes ironic since I have never met him!
    Thank you Paul for all your sage advice and it is always a pleasure talking to you.

    Catherine, October 2016
  • Paul is a fantastic and very accurate reader. If you’re looking for someone that is down-to-earth and says things how they are, and who you can have a laugh with, then Paul is the reader for you. My reading with Paul this evening was spot on and he was able to give me messages from my partner ‘on the other side’. Being able to laugh whilst receiving such clear guidance and messages was very much needed. Thank you Paul.

    W.A., September 2016
  • I had an amazing reading with Paul. He is very gifted, my friend recommended him to me and I didn’t regret.
    I was astonished how he picked up the situation (or moment) from my past that has influenced me the most and it still does till now. He helped me to understand things better and guided me with honesty and kindness (like a friend that I have known for ages). Thank u Paul!!!
    Daniela D.

    Daniela D, September 2016
  • I enjoyed every second of my reading with Paul, he was spot on from start to finish and made me feel at ease straight away. I definitely recommend Paul and will most definitely have a reading with him again.

    Jas, September 2016
  • Paul was brilliant and he picked up on all areas of my life. He also picked up on a name and that was from the past, which really amazed me. Really gifted. Thank you

    M, September 2016
  • Paul is an absolutely exceptional reader who will tune into your problems and past with such accuracy you will be astounded. This was my second reading with Paul and I truly cannot recommend him enough. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. He will give you the clarity and guidance you require with a level of honesty that I have never had in a reading before. Paul has mastered the art of being both honest about what he sees and compassionate, and what results is a one in a million reading.

    Joanna, July 2016
  • Namaste Paul. I am almost without words and cannot begin to express how utterly powerful in the most spiritual and perfect way I received everything Paul shared with me. To say that he was pin point accurate and able to help me is an understatement. I only wish I had recorded the reading. I will do in the future.


    Caroline, June 2016
  • A five star reader! I love the fact that he asked you not to say anything at the beginning and then nails exactly the reason you have contacted him within the first few minutes of the reading! I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone who is down to earth, ‘tells it as it is’, insightful, easy to talk to and real deal! Paul will provide you with that uplifting impetus to go forward with more confidence than before you rang and a spring in your step. An amazing reader!

    Nikki, June 2016
  • Had two readings with Paul – in both he said exactly the same thing.. Some readers tell you something different to what they would have told you a few weeks ago, but not Paul! Looking forward to see if the next three months unfolds as predicted- he’s as amazing reading

    K, June 2016
  • Paul is one of the most excellent readers I have ever encountered. He is no nonsense, down to earth, accurate and informative. He never wants to know anything and just reels of accurate information right from the word go. He does not sugar coat and gives it you straight and direct. I really do recommend him, you will be amazed.

    Rachel, May 2016
  • Totally amazing reading with Paul today. He asked for no information whatsoever , and everything he said was totally true , even back to 1997 ! Gave me immense hope for a brighter future , thank you. xx

    Sue, May 2016
  • I’ve used many Psychics over the years and know a good reading from a fair
    one. Paul literally blew me away when I called him one hour ago. He wanted
    me to tell him nothing at the start and straight away he was telling me why
    I called, what I wanted to know and began to fill in all the details rapid
    fire. No hanging about, no maybes all clear, concise facts about the
    situation. This guys not a five star reader, he’s 11 star. Roger.

    Roger, May 2016
  • I would like to leave a testimonial for Paul. He was spot on, read me like a book! No probing questions and lots of information given. Paul is very direct and easy to talk to. I would certainly not hesitate speaking to Paul again, very honest and sincere.
    Thanks S xx

    shauna, May 2016
  • 05/05/16 Had a lovely reading with Paul. Sorry I got cut off . Paul is very good he explained his findings to me very clearly. Looking forward to my predictions. Thanks Paul, best wishes Heather

    Heather, May 2016
  • I love my readings with Paul, and he has provided great insight and wise counsel to me. He says he is a direct reader and doesn’t sugar coat what he sees, but whatever I am going through he conveys empathy and warmth with an uncanny ability to make me laugh every time. I always feel uplifted after chatting with Paul and more confident about where I am going. He is the most accurate reader that I have encountered and wouldn’t turn to anyone else. I am grateful for his gift and talents and look forward to my next reading. Natalie – January 2016. (Client from a previous company).

    Natalie, April 2016
  • Paul has been ‘reading’ for me for more than 13 years. He is truly amazing. I am always astounded at his ability to see exactly what is happening in my life without being given any info whatsoever. He does not tell you what you want to hear (believe me I have pushed for that sometimes) and he does not apologise for this. His promise is to offer insight and guidance to help you see a way forward especially through difficult times of which I have had many. I have recommended him to non believer friends and family when they have sought solace and quietly smiled as he brought spirituality to them. Across the years he has taught me how to manage my own emotions and reactions positively with difficult situations and people and as a result I am a happier more balance individual personally and professionally. I have had readings from others in the past and nobody has ever come close to this gifted man. I cannot recommend him highly enough to you. Thank you. Joan- January 2016. (Client from a previous company).

    Joan, April 2016
  • Had a wonderful reading with Paul. Without asking any questions he got straight to the point and touched on several areas of my life. The reading was inspiring and left me filled with hope and motivation. I can only give Paul my warmest recommendations if you want a reading with a friendly, kind and empathetic man, who will give it to you straight, help you find your path and then give you the push you need to walk down it. Thanks again. Sarah, UK – March 2016. (Client from a previous company).

    Sarah, April 2016
  • I wanted to say thank you to Paul, who gave me a reading so accurate that I couldn’t have hoped for more clarity. His insightful delivery was exceptional and he has helped me realise that the “fog” just has to be there for now – but the good news is the sun will shine through soon! Thank you so much Paul – I started out as a sceptic, now I am a convert. Andrea, UK – March 2016 (Client from a previous company).

    Andrea, April 2016
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