22 Feb 2024

Spirits in the Material World by Sammie pin 7486

2 Nov 2023

Would you have a clairvoyant reading? by Elizabeth Rose

Many people have a reading to see into their future. However, many don’t because they don’t believe in it, or don’t see the point. Every autumn monarch butterflies, migrate three thousand miles from America to Mexico. So how do they know where they are going, a little flimsy butterfly going all that way? Maybe if… Read More

10 Sep 2023

Are You Perceptive Or Are You Clairvoyant? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Are You Perceptive Or Are You Clairvoyant? Many things in life cannot be explained. For instance how many times have you been thinking about someone and with in seconds they have contacted you? You might even have been on the point of telephoning them. Or you may have been singing a song or thinking about… Read More

2 Aug 2023

Are You In Boring Relationship? – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Many people are in a boring humdrum predictable and loveless relationship. You might ask why do they put up with it? Often it is because there is no real initiative to do anything about it. If a partner was horrible to you, treated you badly in some way or cheated on you then it would be… Read More

12 Jul 2023

Can The Colours In Your Home Affect Your Health? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Have you ever thought that a colour can affect your mood or your health? Well according to research yes it can affect your health and your mood. For instance it is not advisable to put bright vibrant colour in a bedroom and certainly not in a child’s room. Colours such as red bright orange etc…. Read More

4 May 2023

Would you have a relationship with someone a lot younger than yourself? BY ELIZABETH ROSE PIN 7430

It seems that it is more accepted that a man can have a younger woman hanging on his arm or even marry someone years younger. Although eyebrows are raised if the man is wealthy and people wonder if the woman is a gold digger. When a woman has a relationship with a much younger man… Read More

8 Apr 2023

If your relationship has broken down would you want to try again? By Elizabeth Rose pin 7430

It is very tempting to try and get together once you have left a relationship. After a couple of months of being on your own then reality kicks in and you begin to miss the one that you loved. You may also have financial difficulties and feel lonely as well, which can lead you into… Read More

6 Mar 2023

Have you given up on finding love? by Elizabeth Rose pin 7430

Are you sat at home alone with just a pet to talk to? Or maybe you do have a very busy life and plenty of friends, but no love in your life and you have given up looking. I remember some years ago a lady in her late fifties came to see me for a… Read More

15 Feb 2023

Are you a permanent mistress? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Many people have asked me – “Will my lover ever leave his wife or partner and come and live with me?” the answer is usually NO! Why is that? Well, the answer is because it suits him or her. The man does not want to upset his wife or lover, his friends or his children…. Read More

4 Jan 2023

Could you live with someone who has cheated on you? – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

This is a very difficult situation as each relationship is different. If your partner has had a fling with someone at work for instance and you know that they are seeing each other daily, even though the fling has finished, it would be very difficult to forgive. It is the trust that will hit you;… Read More