12 Jul 2023

Can The Colours In Your Home Affect Your Health? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Have you ever thought that a colour can affect your mood or your health?

Well according to research yes it can affect your health and your mood.

For instance it is not advisable to put bright vibrant colour in a bedroom and certainly not in a child’s room.

Colours such as red bright orange etc. stimulate the brain and would tend to keep you awake. Which is the last thing you would want in a baby or a child’s bedroom. Bedrooms need cool resting colour such as pastel blues greens or pale pinks.

A lot of red in a room can give some people headaches or even migraine.  

A lounge is usually a place to rest and relax, so calming colours are needed here to surround you and make you feel chilled out.

However, although white can look gorgeous too much can give a clinical cold look and make you feel that you are sitting in an operating theatre, which would not do a lot for your raising your mood.

However if there are clever tones of other colours with the white then it can look great and feel that you are sitting in luxury and opulence.

A lounge would not be good in too much strong blue as blue is a cold colour and would not have that calm effect on you.

Kitchens can be bright with yellows or greens.

Black can be used on work tops and look great in a kitchen however too much use of black in other areas could make you feel depressed, and can give a feeling of claustrophobia.

Again if black is used cleverly with other colours the affect can be stunning.

A good idea is to Google the colour that you want and ask for other colours to go with it and you will see brilliant set ups. Or you can just put in the colour of your carpet and sofa and see what colours Google come up with.

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