Psychic Readings

Psychics have been known since early Greek recordings. Know as soothsayers, seers, prophets, oracles and witches, people with psychic powers have been known throughout history, weaved in stories and myths in the sands of time. The word psychic however was not commonly associated with these readers until around the 18th Century. Fortune Telling was a popular name associated with Psychics in the past.

Throughout the ages sees, oracles and psychics have all been denounced as fakes, frauds and phoneys by people who do not understand the powers we have. Psychics have been portrayed by popular culture as super human and powerful. Although powerful a psychic is just a person who has the ability to see and perceive information that is generally hidden from normal senses. Most people have these powers, you may recognise them as gut instinct, but the true ability is masked for many. Psychics however know how to tap into these powers. Using extra sensory perception we are able to see what most people miss.

Here at Moon Predictions we have been providing Live Online Psychic Readings for over 35 years including psychic readings over the phone   and online tarot card readings. A family run business in the UK we have gathered together some of the UKs best psychic readers to enable you to find your future. Our seer’s can see, hear or feel the energy and future of someone. Using this energy our psychics can make predictions about your future. Our readers are tested and experienced psychics, being gifted with these powers they are respected and offer bespoke services to each client. Our psychics offer online psychic readings by phone, text (SMS) or online, enabling you to have a reading anywhere, any time.

Here at Moon Predictions we are one of the most well recognised and respected spiritual guidance companies. With years of experience and a long lasting client base we are one of the most trusted psychic centres in the UK. As well as Psychic Readings we also offer Tarot, Medium and Clairvoyance. To find out more and to talk to one of our psychics call today on +44 (0)1623 625745.

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