8 Apr 2023

If your relationship has broken down would you want to try again? By Elizabeth Rose pin 7430

It is very tempting to try and get together once you have left a relationship.

After a couple of months of being on your own then reality kicks in and you begin to miss the one that you loved.

You may also have financial difficulties and feel lonely as well, which can lead you into thinking well, it was not too bad and start to think about trying again.

However, the statistics are not good for people getting back together . In 87 percent of couples that try again only about 13 percent stay together.

The problem is that if you have problems then they must be sorted out before the relationship can succeed. Otherwise, the problems will occur again and within a few weeks or months you will be back to square one.

On top of those issues, there may be other issues, like having to trust your partner, which you must do or things will just eat at you and cause a break down between you.

Or, maybe you will find it hard to forgive your partner. Which is essential if you have to make a success of your relationship.

The past problems have to be put in the past and not dragged up every time you have a disagreement.

If you really love your partner, it would be worth having counselling or a mediator to help you come to terms with your problems.

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