6 Mar 2023

Have you given up on finding love? by Elizabeth Rose pin 7430

Are you sat at home alone with just a pet to talk to?

Or maybe you do have a very busy life and plenty of friends, but no love in your life and you have given up looking.

I remember some years ago a lady in her late fifties came to see me for a reading.

All she wanted to know was if she was going to get married, that was all she wanted in life, to be happily married.

She was a professional person and met many different people every day in her work.

She still lived with her parents who were elderly but very well off.

This lady had an action packed life; she had horses and went riding.

She travelled the world and had many interests and many friends.

In spite of her privileged life she had never really had a loving relationship.

She told me that she just had not clicked relationship wise with any one that she had met, although there were plenty of men that she had liked and got on with but not fallen in love with.

I told her that she would get engaged by the time she was sixty and she would get married a short time after.

I am pleased to say that my predictions came true.

In fact she got engaged on her birthday when she was actually sixty.

She retired early and has been very happy.

So my point is, it is never too late to find love.

There is someone out there for everyone.

So don’t give up.

Why not have a reading with one of our excellent readers and see when you will find love?

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