4 May 2023

Would you have a relationship with someone a lot younger than yourself? BY ELIZABETH ROSE PIN 7430

It seems that it is more accepted that a man can have a younger woman hanging on his arm or even marry someone years younger.

Although eyebrows are raised if the man is wealthy and people wonder if the woman is a gold digger.

When a woman has a relationship with a much younger man is seems that it is not accepted quite so well. May there is an element of jealousy that makes gossipy remarks from people.

Also when a man has a relationship with a much older woman it does cause gossip.

Well why shouldn’t you have a relationship with anyone that you are attracted to?

The question most asked, will be will the relationship last in old age when a woman is much older for instance?

 However there have been famous people who have successfully had relationships well into old age where there has had been a significant years difference.

However there are many relationships in all these categories that are happy and last for many years.

If your partner has many years difference it can last as long as they are mature.

If you are attracted to someone where there is an age difference and you do nothing about it then in the years ahead you might well look back and think what if and have regrets?

If you get on and have a lot in common and are attracted to the person then why not explore a relationship with them, after all age is only a number.

It does not matter what others think as long as you are happy in your relationship whatever age discrepancy there is does it?

If you fall in love with someone where there is an age difference and family or friends object and try and interfere, then take on board what they say, but if you feel your relationship is right then follow your heart.

So take courage if you are attracted to someone where there is a significant age difference and give it a go, at least you will not look back and wish that you had.

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