15 Feb 2023

Are you a permanent mistress? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Many people have asked me – “Will my lover ever leave his wife or partner and come and live with me?” the answer is usually NO!

Why is that? Well, the answer is because it suits him or her. The man does not want to upset his wife or lover, his friends or his children. He also does not want to have his finances becoming compromised as often it would leave him worse off.

However, he will often come up with a great variety of excuses for not leaving. The favourite being he will leave when the children are older.

Another favourite is that his wife is not well, or her parents are ill and she has a lot to cope with so he cannot just leave her as he would feel guilty, and it would not be fair. If you are the mistress, then you would reason that he is being caring and carry on with the relationship.

He is in a great position; he has a caring wife who cooks and cleans for him and for his excitement and to make his day out of probably a boring or routine relationship he has a secret sex life.

Someone who cannot do enough for him is at the end of the phone, craving for his calls his texts and his visits. If he calls late at night only, then you are definitely being used. If he never takes you out, then it would appear that you are cheap to keep happy!!

Some women are happy to be a mistress and carry on with their lives with other relationships too. However there are few than can carry on with such a situation and be happy about it.

So as I have said before look at a person’s behaviour not at what they say. Do they follow through with what they have promised to you?

If you have been a mistress for a while, then you can say that you are going to stay being a mistress.

One way to test your relationship is to tell them to come back once they have got a divorce or are actually separated. I think that you will have a long wait!!

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