23 Sep 2020

White Aura’s by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

23 Aug 2020

Yellow Aura’s by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Each colour in the Aura has a different meaning. You can buy excellent books on the Aura explaining how you can see them and interpret what the colours mean. Sometimes when you meet someone for the first time you may feel an instant dislike towards them, this is because you can feel that persons Aura,… Read More

22 Jul 2020

Pink Aura’s by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Well if your Aura is pink then you are a very rare breed, it is not often seen. Having a pink Aura shows that a person values love, is very spiritual and is often creative and sensitive and is often very compassionate and romantic. The colour of your Aura shows which chakra is most dominant… Read More

22 Jun 2020

Purple Aura’s by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The Aura that is a Purple in colour – what does it mean? When the colour purple is in a person’s aura it tells a lot about the character and personality of that person. It can vary each day, one day you might have more purple, then the next day it could be lighter. If… Read More

22 Mar 2020

Aries by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Who is compatible with Aries Aries and Aries Aries and Aries are an ideal match in most ways. They are both strong personalities and they just know each other, as they are almost mirror images of each other. The one problem that they might have is that they have a tendency to be a bit… Read More

16 Feb 2020

Pisces By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Who is compatible with Pisces? 19th February-20th March Aries and Pisces This is not a good match at all and should not really work, however should they do get together it is possible with a lot of give and take it can possibly work. Taurus and Pisces This can be a good match but with both their… Read More

20 Jan 2020

Aquarius by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Who is compatible with Aquarius? 21 January-18 February  Aries and Aquarius These are both rather strong signs but the fiery and bossy Aries does sit well in some aspects with Aquarius that is a more calming and peaceful sign so they can work together well. Taurus and Aquarius These two signs are not often attracted… Read More

23 Dec 2019

Capricorn by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Who is compatible with Capricorn? Aries and Capricorn They can have their problems; the Goat and the Ram can lock horns of course. Both are very stubborn and must make allowances for each another. Aries is loud and goes for it whilst Capricorn is quieter but both get there in the end in their different… Read More

20 Nov 2019

Sagittarius By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Who is Compatible with Sagittarius? Aries and Sagittarius They are a perfect match, each complementing the other. They will have a long lasting happy relationship that many will envy. They are unlikely to cheat on each other, remaining loyal as long as they are together. Taurus and Sagittarius This relationship will not be without its… Read More

21 Oct 2019

Scorpio – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Scorpio 23 October-21 November Who is compatible with Scorpio?  Aries and Scorpio They are usually a perfect love match, and when they get together they wonder how they could have survived apart. They fit together in most areas like a pair of gloves. Taurus and Scorpio Although these two signs are opposite each other they… Read More