22 Jul 2020

Pink Aura’s by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Well if your Aura is pink then you are a very rare breed, it is not often seen.

Having a pink Aura shows that a person values love, is very spiritual and is often creative and sensitive and is often very compassionate and romantic.

The colour of your Aura shows which chakra is most dominant in your body, it also shows where you spend your energy and can show your personality.

This chakra is placed at the base of your brain and shows creativity empathy etc.

Artists, musicians, and those in the healing professions often show a pink Aura.

It also shows with people who are curious about life and love harmony and peace in their lives.

Pink is a rare Aura, as most people do not connect with the sensitive sides of themselves.

Pink of course is a lighter shade of red, which is a different Aura altogether.

A pink Aura can also show when someone is extremely psychic, they have that ability to connect with themselves and connect with others, having empathy and healing.

If the Aura is bright Pink it can show someone who is rather affectionate and probably a loyal friend and a good partner.

A softer more Baby Pink can show that you are not always grounded enough but still sensitive and have empathy.

A Magenta Aura can show people that can be a bit eccentric and like to make a statement.

A Dark Muddy Pink usually shows some immaturity in your personality, people who are not always honest can have this muddy pink as well.

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