2 Nov 2020

Day In The Life Of A Psychic by Sophia – Pin 7419

Day In The Life Of A Psychic…

Possessing psychic ability is a wonderful thing and the good news is we are all intuitive to a greater or lesser extent. However, except for the psychic Mozarts among us, developing psychic skills also requires a lot of dedication and practice. But when we have truly allowed spirit into our lives, it can start to impact on them in some extraordinary ways. This series of blog entries is going to attempt to reveal what it’s like to be a modern psychic in an increasingly chaotic world (or perhaps that’s just Mercury Retrograde again. Maybe it will calm down after November 3rd!)

The first thing I want to write about, because it was the first thing I learned at psychic college, is ribbon-reading. This is a form of psychometry that is very easy to practice at home. It requires you, the budding psychic, to gather together a collection of ribbons. In my collection, there are ribbons from old dresses, parcels and gift bags, all the colours of the rainbow, and I keep them in a bag covered with sequins.

When you have assembled your collection, you ask your lovely volunteer to pick a ribbon of their choice and cup it in their hands to imprint their energy on it. This can take a few minutes, during which time you call on your angels and guides to help you with the reading you are about to undertake. Then you take the ribbon from your volunteer and feel your way down it with your fingertips. This allows you to read the other person’s energy. It is also when spirit may allow you to glimpse your volunteer’s hopes and dreams, or give you images, songs or sayings connected with their past, present and future, which you can share with them. For the aspiring psychic, it can be a bit difficult to sort out which is which, but practice really does make perfect – and keeping a psychic journal you can refer back to helps as well.

The summer that my best friend and I discovered ribbon reading, seven years ago, was one of great delight to us. Not only did we glimpse on the ribbon the Highland dancing festival complete with bagpipes and kilts that we actually saw in Camden in real life the following day, but spirit also decided to comfort us with visions of our future weddings. At the time, I knew very little about Indian weddings, so I was very tentative when I described the henna party or the beautiful red-and-gold wedding dress I could see for her. However, her enthusiastic response made me think I was onto something – and also gave me more confidence in my ability as a ribbon reader. She could also see a wedding reception for me, in a hotel, with pillars behind me. Neither of us could see the grooms though: just very sketchy outlines where they would be standing. In fact, it would be another five years before spirit would start giving us visions as to who our future husbands would be, so perhaps we just weren’t meant to know who they were before that.

Nevertheless, when I opened up my psychic journal from 2013, I found I had scribbled down the words to the song, ‘Going to the chapel/And we’re gonna get married’ with its lyrics, ‘Spring is here/The sky is blue…’ And, covid restrictions permitting, I really am going to get married next spring (for my friend, it’s next summer.) Songs are of course one way in which spirit communicates with us, but ribbons are another fantastic tool to access psychic information. I predict I’ll be writing more about them in another blog entry – and more about the adventures and misadventures of me and my psychic friends as we go about our daily lives, combining the ordinary with the magical.

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