26 Apr 2021

Nostradamus or Michel de Nostredame by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

14 Apr 2021

Superstitions by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

British Superstitions   Even in our 21st century technological age we are still quite superstitious. Years ago, many superstitions were connected to food. In Yorkshire they used to believe that the bread would not rise if there were a corpse in the vicinity. And, if you cut off both ends of the bread it would make the… Read More

28 Mar 2021

Predictions or Coincidences? By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

In 1888 an author Edward Bellamy predicted credit cards. In his book called “Looking Backward” he wrote. Each person is given a physical punch card “with which he procures at the public storehouses, found in every community, whatever he desires whenever he desires it. This arrangement, you will see, totally obviates the necessity for business transactions of… Read More

24 Mar 2021

Superstitions March 2021 – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

There are some really strange superstitions. My sister-in-law for instance will not take off her cardigan or any other clothing and put it the right way round if she has accidently put them on inside out, as she believes it will bring her bad luck. But leaving it on inside out could bring her good luck. It… Read More

25 Feb 2021

Strange but True by Elizabeth Rose pin 7430

Years ago when I was midwife I visited a patient and after examining her and her baby we sat down with her mum for a cup of tea. Her mother told me that her husband had died suddenly recently. She then told me this strange tale. Her husband and her son were miners and worked… Read More

24 Feb 2021

The Ancient Art Of Cartomancy – Part Two by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

A park of cards as you probably will know consists of 52 cards. These are divided into four different suits, hearts, diamonds clubs and spades. Each suit has 13 cards, an ace, two, three, four, five six, seven, eight, nine, ten, knave, Queen and King. People usually call them ordinary playing cards to differentiate them from the Tarot cards…. Read More

16 Feb 2021

More on Superstitions by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

One of the most common superstitions is the fear of Friday the 13th, and that something nasty will happen to us on that date. Bad luck is associated with this date and it is considered the unluckiest day of the year. Some Christians believed that the World would end on Friday 13th. Cruise ships do not have… Read More

14 Feb 2021

Day in the life of a Psychic – Sophia Pin 7419

Day In The Life Of A Psychic (6) Every psychic will have their own routines and rituals that they follow before they carry out psychic work. This is actually a very important part of the psychic’s daily life, since it is important to deliver psychic guidance when you are operating at a high vibration and… Read More

27 Jan 2021

Amazing Predictions from the Past by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The author Morgan Robertson, fourteen years before the Titanic went down on route to New York, killing 1,517 people in the Atlantic, wrote a book called ‘Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan’. In the story an unsinkable ship sank after hitting an iceberg. Such a creepy story, with even the name of the boat practically… Read More

19 Jan 2021

Coincidence or spiritual intervention by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Coincidences Do you believe in coincidences or do you think that there is a divine or spiritual intervention? I once heard a man telling a story about something that happened to him. This is a true story. He had been working very hard and doing a lot of overtime, so he decided to go off for… Read More