15 Aug 2018

Focus on Virgo incorporating Mercury – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

25 Jul 2018

Focus on the Sun – by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The Sun is a star and is in the centre of the Solar System. Helios is the Greek name of the Sun. The Planet Sun is the ruler of the zodiac sign of Leo and those that are born under the sign benefit greatly. They tend to take control of situations and are excellent managers…. Read More

23 Jun 2018

Focus on the Moon – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

THE MOON The Moon or Luna as it was known in Mythological times is the ruling planet of Cancer. The Moon is actually classed as a satellite of the Earth and not a planet and it is the Earths lone natural satellite. The Moon is the fifth largest satellite in our solar system. 239,000 miles… Read More

23 May 2018

Focus on Mercury – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Mercury Mercury is the ruling planet for Gemini. It is named by the Roman deity Mercury which means the messenger of the gods. It is the smallest and innermost planet in the Solar System. It takes 87.97 days to orbit around the sun which is the shortest of all the planets in the Solar System…. Read More

11 Apr 2018

Focus on Venus – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The Planet Venus was named after the Roman goddess of love, probably because it shines so much and stands out in the night sky. It is the only Planet that is named after a female. Venus is the second planet from the Sun and is the second brightest in the sky after the Moon. It… Read More

26 Mar 2018

Focus on Mars – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Mars is known as the red planet – this colour is caused by the iron oxide on the surface of the planet in its soil. It is the he fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury. The Romans named the planet after their god of war. It has… Read More

20 Dec 2017

Spirit Animals by Louise PIN 7492

Spirit animals  For many years people have speculated whether or not animals are psychic. In my experience, because of an animals innocence and none egotistical nature, animals are able to see the spirit world and communicate with spirits. Each one of us,  as well as having a human guide,  have an animal guide too. The… Read More

9 Aug 2017

Love/Relationship readings by Gabby PIN 7432

Love and relationships are the most complex and challenging readings that I give here at Elizabeth Rose because many of us struggle to contemplate the “truth” of the issues we face in our relationships.  I feel it is relevant to discuss how to know if you are in a “toxic” relationship. If the person you are… Read More

26 Jun 2017

The Ascension Process and working with the current Energies By Rosalyn PIN 7426

The Ascension Process and working with the current Energies This is just one description for the evolution of Humanity and the Earth currently underway. Many of you are familiar with it, some more than others but I still speak to folk who’ve never come across it. It is a vast topic and there are as… Read More

7 Dec 2016

Dream Analysis by Melanie PIN 7423

So you wake up, get up and follow your daily routine. But something is very different – you had a dream last night and it’s that dream that is tapping away in your mind relentlessly. Whether the dream is good, bad, or indifferent, it’s there and it’s confusing and disruptive. Depending on the content of… Read More