Spirit Animals by Louise PIN 7492

Spirit animals
For many years people have speculated whether or not animals are psychic.
In my experience, because of an animals innocence and none egotistical nature, animals are able to see the spirit world and communicate with spirits.
Each one of us, as well as having a human guide, have an animal guide too.
The purpose of this is to help us to connect not only with nature but our true selves.
Many of you who have called me have heard my dog “Mischief” in the background.
Mischief posses her own sixth sense and can see and sense spirit.
She will often give off her own signs that I am about to receive a call has also been known to predict things too.
I ask her a simple yes or no answer and she will indicate the answer to me and she has never once failed me. She is still just a baby but she is learning and growing fast.
Each animal that comes into your life is there for a higher purpose – to teach us lessons about love and loyalty. Sometimes humans can have difficulties learning such things alone.