True Psychics

Moon Predictions Ltd are proud to offer a variety of true psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and tarot readers.  We have been established for many years – offering psychic services either over the telephone, via text message or instant message.

Quite often, new clients will ask ‘How do you know who are true psychics?’ In general, these are good guidelines to follow:

* Your reader will confirm that they have successfully connected with you within the first few minutes of speaking to you – often by way of imparting information that you can acknowledge and validate

* Your reader should not offer their ‘personal opinion’ to your current situation. They should only give you guidance if you specifically ask for it

* Your reader should never be vague – or offer information that could literally be relevant to anyone! They should be specific about your current circumstances and give you clear signs that they are indeed connected to your current situation

* Your reader should never ask you leading questions – they should do most of the talking during the reading. However, there are times when you will want to ask questions or get more information on a particular subject. You should feel comfortable enough with your reader to ask for more details or move the reading on to another area of your life that you would like to discuss.

If you ever feel that you are not connecting with a trusted psychic – do not hesitate to revert back to the company receptionist who will advise you on what your options are. Moon Predictions Ltd offer a 5 minute guarantee – so if you ever feel you or your reader are not connecting as you should be,then you can either receive a full refund or be connected to an alternative reader.