Online Psychic Readings

Many people in the past have had face to face readings, however, online psychic readings are increasing in popularity.

There are many reasons for this increase but generally it is accredited to the fact that online psychic readings are available 24 hours a day and the client can choose a time to suit them. Anonymity is also a big factor as to why clients choose online psychic readings as opposed to face to face. Also, readings are conducted in the comfort of the clients own homes which negates the need to travel or open up their homes to a relative stranger.

Occasionally, we are asked which are more accurate – Face to Face readings or telephone readings? There is no definitive answer, it is a personal preference. However, face to face readings can often give clues to the readers as they are able to see the clients reaction as they impart information to them. However, psychic readings that are purely done over the telephone do not give the readers this advantage.

If you are unsure of which type of reader you require, please do not hesitate to call our friendly receptionists who are on hand to guide you and to help you choose a suitable reader for your needs.

Some customers will return time and time again to a reader that they have connected with. Some customers like to have readings with a wide variety of trusted psychics who use different tools – it really is a personal choice whether or not you choose to have readings with just one reader or a variety of psychics.

It is never easy choosing from the thousands of online Psychic Websites – but generally, try to pick a site that are happy to post customer testimonials for their readers and of course, the cheapest is not necessarily the best! Also, there are many psychic websites that come and go so try to use a site that has been established for some time, for example, Moon Predictions and Elizabeth Rose have been established since 2001 and has many repeat clients that have enjoyed our psychic services.

Above all, we hope that our customers have a beneficial and uplifting reading that answers any specific questions or concerns that they have. If for any reason you feel that your reading was not to your satisfaction please call reception and they will advise you of your options. If you end the reading within the first 5 minutes we are able to reset your time or offer you a full refund. However, if you end your reading after the first 5 minutes, we are still able to transfer you to another reader with any remaining minutes that you have.

In addition to providing online psychic readings, Elizabeth Rose and Moon Predictions also offer guidance via text (SMS) and our new instant messaging service. Please call 01623 625745 if you have any questions or would like help in choosing a reader to suit your needs.