13 Feb 2019

The ruling plants of Pisces by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The controlling Planets of Pisces – 19 February-20th March,

There are two planets ruling Pisces – Neptune and Jupiter.

When Neptune is in Pisces we can expect major changes.

Those under the sign of Pisces can sometimes have a spiritual awakening.

They may be already psychic or begin to experience the spiritual side of life.

They may be dreaming and day dreaming more than usual and find it difficult to get going.

Neptune takes 165 year to circle the Zodiac and orbit the sun.

Neptune according to Roman Mythology is the Roman God of the Sea.

The planet was discovered by Jean Joseph Le Verrier.

Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun and the furthest away.

In the solar system it has the fourth-largest diameter of other planets.

Neptune is 4.495 billion km form the Sun.

It has the second largest gravity in the solar system.

Its Radius is 24,622 km.

It has 14 moons which all have names

Voyager 2 sent to Neptune found that on the southern hemisphere was a large dark storm and this was named as Great Dark Spot.

The dark blue colour and bright white features of Neptune help to distinguish it from Uranus.

The cirrus white clouds actually contain methane ice.

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