13 Jan 2021

The Ancient Art of Cartomancy Part One – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Or the art of giving a psychic reading with playing cards.
The origins of the art of doing a reading with playing cards is really so old that it is lost in the mists of time.

It is known that they were used up to the middle ages and it was considered an oracle of wisdom and was consulted by the State and also by the Church.

By the seventeenth century they were very popular but used by gamblers to win money, as a result the Victorians branded them as evil. Even so, the cards were kept alive and survived by lone mystics and gypsies who used them secretly.

Then along came science, which announced that there was no connection with a few cards with the past, let alone the future.

Fortunately, since then, from individual experiences, and using random cards it has been proved that there is a psychic link between man and the environment.

It is this unseen link that is responsible for those intriguing happenings, which occur in our lives.

Today they are again used in our society but not as common as they used to be.

With a little practice anyone can understand their symbolic messages, giving you information about romance, happiness, finances, travel and much more.

There is no need to fear the cards they are there to help you, and to be forewarned is also to be forearmed!

The cards will help you in the game of life.

Next month I will tell you more about the cards and how they are used.

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