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Tracy J is a Medium and Tarot Reader. She works with Arch Angel Michael, sending his healing and light to everyone. Tracy J also does Karma Releasing and Past Life Regression. She comes from a long line of gypsies, originating from Cork in Ireland and Tracy J settled in UK. The deck she uses belonged to her Gran my gran and they are well over 90years plus old. Tracy J started reading at the age of 16 and has over 39 years experience. She very much looks forward to speaking to you.

Payment is taken over the phone simply and securely using a credit card.

CALL 01623 625745 (UK) or +44 1623 625745 (International)

A 20 minute reading is £33.95, a 30 minute reading is £45.50

CALL 01623 625745 (UK) or +44 1623 625745 (International)


  • What a lovely, lovely lady and very accurate! Tracy picked up on details, people and events very quickly with ease and she was so kind supportive and calming. I rang in a lot of distress and I came off the call feeling so much better. She is the REAL DEAL. Very accurate with dates, people, personalities, predictions and events. If you want an accurate reading given with love and care. Tracy is a marvellous choice, I will be ringing back regularly as I sort out my immediate challenges (sorry Tracy, that I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye and tell you how much you had helped, I couldn’t get back before you logged off.)❤and big gratitude,🙏,Emma Brighton Uk

    Emma, February 2023
  • Tracy J I had been searching for answers for 6 weeks over a failed relationship, I had no sense of what had happened but Tracy totally hit the spot, she exactly knew what had happened and gave me all the answers I had been looking for along with my confidence. Thank you so much . Very down to earth and loving lady.
    Looking forward to new love predicted. I will be back in touch.
    Blessings and thanks Georgina xx

    Georgina, February 2023
  • Tracy J is an amazing reader. She has such a beautiful and infectious energy. Such a kind lady but incredibly accurate. I have had numerous readings with Tracy J over the past couple of years and no matter how much time passes she is always consistent and never changes direction. Thank you for your support and guidance Tracy J.

    Wendy, December 2022
  • Thank you Tracy for a wonderful reading. You made me feel a lot better (was a bit down tonight) and confirmed what I feel myself. Looking forward to feel and see my new life

    Monika, November 2022
  • This is my second review for Tracy. OMG!! She is amazing! She needs NO INFORMATION and just tunes straight in. My most recent reading, Tracy gave me more specific information regarding someone linked to me to the point she knew their favourite colour and the specific and unusual name associated with work around them. No one would know that!! Just mind blowing validation!! Tracy is lovely to speak with and just puts you at ease. To say I recommend her is an understatement. Thank you so much xx

    Lisa, November 2022
  • I’ve had 2/3 readings with Tracy and wow! She needs no information to confirm what she sees, NO INFORMATION she’s not arrogant but the sweetest human around! My mother figure when I need it! She told me I’d have a pick of 3 guys with the third (who wasn’t in my periphery at the time) to be of a certain type with certain features, she said there’s a dark haired guy and then next to him there’s him and he’s one your gonna fall in love with OH MY GOSH,I pray it lasts! We’re waiting for another prediction to pass but I’m so grateful, thank you thank you thank you.

    S, November 2022
  • This lovely lady read for me very recently. Blimey she picked up on my POI and got them down to a T and told me things about them without me saying a word. She gave clear and specific information regarding the situation which currently stands and how she saw it unfolding. Thank you lovely lady for helping me see that I’m not imagining what’s going on.
    Give Tracy J a call and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed xx

    Lisa, November 2022
  • fabulous reader. very accurate picks up straight away
    actually blew me away on what she picked up on .

    robyn, September 2022
  • Tracy is such a lovely lady to speak with and she tunes in do quickly, it’s like she’s looking inside the top of your head! She picked up on two ongoing situations I’m currently faced with and described people involved. She is warm and compassionate and it’s a bit like talking to an old friend. Thank you Tracy…I will sit tight and not give up, just as you said xx

    Lisa, September 2021
  • I had a reading with Tracy J, Tracy is so warm and genuine. Her predictions are accurate and as usual she picked up on everything going on around me. I had regular readings with Tracy when she worked on another site. I am delighted to have found her again. The best psychic I have ever had a reading from.

    Lynne Valentine, September 2021
  • I’ve had two readings with Tracy. She is very accurate and has a genuine gift, Along with her, Gal and Elizabeth Rose you’ve been helping me with my current situation which is all positive. It’s lovely to talk with genuine psychics, not the wishy washy ones. I wish I had their gift. Tracy isn’t on very often but grab her when you can.

    Fiona, February 2021
  • I enjoyed my reading with Tracy. She has said what others have said the man that I’m with now is the love of my life. I look forward to things unfolding this year just like she and others have said about him.

    Thanxs Tracy

    FP, January 2021
  • We were cut off after 12 minutes which is such a shame as Tracy was really good and the reading I managed to have helped me so much. I did not even ask her about romance but the first thing she said was that a past love would return next year with explanations. She could not have known that there was an unresolved issue as most past loves have run their course and ended. She gave me loads of validations about a family issue too – amazing when we only had 12 minutes.

    Liz, December 2020
  • Had a reading with Tracey and everything she predicted transpired. A natural talent . Grounded & lovely.

    Anonymous, October 2020
  • Thank you so much Tracy J for the wonderful reading. It blew my mind and im so glad I tried a new reader. Can not thank you enough for the amazing reading and giving me an insight to what will happen.

    J, October 2020
  • I thought I would try a new reader and I’m so glad I did. I didn’t have to say anything and she knew everything. She is soooo lovely to talk to and amazingly accurate. I even told her I would leave a review as I was so impressed with her. I will definitely be back for another reading.

    DS, October 2020
  • You are a wonderful reader and it was a pleasure to get a reading from you.  Good luck to you and I will update  you in November.

    Shaz, October 2020
  • Thank you Tracey for today. Came on really sad and confused and left the reading smiling and being clearer on what is coming next. Really grateful. Thank you.

    L, October 2020
  • 12/10/20 – Amazing. Super positive and caring. Makes correct validations and has predicted the exact same thing as other top psychics have. Has given me hope. Works free hand and with guides. I would highly recommend her and would call her again. She was genuine. Lnl

    Peace, October 2020
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