Psychic Medium Phone Readings

Is there a difference between a Psychic and a Medium? How do do you know which type of reader you require for your phone reading? If you have any questions about our readers and which gifts they have, please contact our friendly receptionist on 01623 625745 who will be able to help you choose the right reader for you.

A psychic has the ability to see, hear, feel and make predictions. All of our readers are Psychics. Some possess other gifts such as being a medium, which means they can communicate with loved ones (if they make themselves available) and others that have passed over may make themselves available to the reader to pass on messages and guidance.

Some of our Psychics use tarot cards to help guide them with their predictions – some do not. It really is a personal preference as to which type of reader you require. Some customers continually use the same reader time after time and other customers like to get readings from a number of different readers – again, this is an individual preference. In any case, please feel free to discuss your requirements with reception and they will endeavour to match your requirements to your satisfaction. All of our readers have been hand picked and tested to ensure that standards maintain high for all of our clients time and time again.