Online Tarot Card Readings

Tarot cards have been in existence since the mid 15th Century was were commonly used in Europe. It wasn’t until the 18th Century that they were used by mystics and psychics to predict the future. The original cards were intended for game play. There are many designs and variety available of Tarot Decks. Some decks are not used at all and are regarded as pieces of artwork.

Tarot readers generally use only one pack for their readings and take very good care of them. They become like a friend and they put their trust in them to help clients time and time again. Usually, at the beginning of a reading, the reader will shuffle their deck and split them into piles, then ask the client to choose which pile they are drawn to. The reader will then make a spread, 3 card, 5 card or Celtic Cross (10 cards) are generally the most popular. The reader will then interpret the cards and relay their meanings back to the client.

Some tarot readers work alongside their guides and also use their psychic abilities to make predictions. Feel free to ask the trusted psychics specific questions that you want answers to or allow the reader to do a general reading based purely on the cards which you have chosen and been dealt.

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