17 Oct 2019

Libra – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

Who is compatible with Libra?


Well it won’t be a boring relationship that is for sure and there is plenty of sexual chemistry. However, in order to survive there does need to be a lot of give and take.


There does seem an element of incompatibility in this relationship as the Libra people are more outgoing than the Taurus. It can work however if they adjust to each other.


Both signs will love to party and socialise and will hardly ever be at home if they can help it. They are both highly intelligent signs and will love to travel and entertain.


Both signs seek security and want a peaceful life and they do have the ability to compromise when called upon. So the chances are fairly high of having a successful relationship.


They usually waste no time in building up a healthy sex life. Both signs can be passionate but at the same time respect each others wishes and will compromise with each other.


These two signs seem to be rather laid back even to the point of being mild mannered, but make their lives interesting as they try and please each other to make each other happy.


These two signs usually have an instant connection and just fit together as two half’s of a whole. However, they can become very over indulgent. Most people envy their solid relationship.


These two signs can have a very passionate affair and become very emotional together. They can quickly connect with each other and become swept away by their feelings.


These two signs can connect and have a long lasting relationship. They can help each other achieve their goals in life and remain close and respect each other’s desires.


Both of these signs will be looking for a secure and happy relationship and they can achieve this together. They can find the harmony of a long-term relationship by helping each other.


These two signs have a mutual admiration for each other and can connect quickly, however they can both be rebels but generally they want the harmony of a long lasting relationship


These two signs can be a match made in heaven, they can be just like two peas in a pod. Perhaps they are the two signs that are the most compatible of all the signs.

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