7 Oct 2019

Law of Attraction by Faith – PIN 1131

I am Faith PIN 1131, I am an empath and tarot reader but also a certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner.

There is no magic formula to manifesting, you don’t have to make vision boards or spend any money to be able manifest things into your life, and you certainly do not have to do any rituals or write your desires down 50 times a day.

All you need are these basic tools and you will learn to manifest things into your life. The key thing is not get caught up in how big a thing you are trying to manifest, there is no difference trying to manifest £100 or £1000. Your brain just tells you it’s harder because that is how the logical brain works. It is super important to have self-love to be able to manifest (I will cover that in another post)

Ok so let’s say you want to manifest a new job. Really think about the specifics, the type of job you want, the people you want to work with, the feeling of being in that job that you love, visualize it in as much detail as you can and be really specific.

After you have this done call upon the universe and set your intention that you want to manifest this dream job into your life, set the intention, thank the universe. Then just let it go. Don’t keep concentrating on it day after day as the more we tightly grip onto something the less the universe will work with us. Just let it go and believe 100% that this dream job will come to you at the right time. Don’t expect things to happen overnight, it does take time.

Once you have set your intention, let it go. Spend some time daily doing something to top up your self love bank, this helps raise your vibration, keeping your vibration high is super important to manifesting. Pay attention to your thoughts, “what we think becomes our reality” so if you think negatively the you will attract negative things because you are basically asking the universe for it and the universe will provide what you ask for. So if a negative thought pops into your head, replace it with a positive thought or affirmation, a good fun way of doing this is to notice the negative thought then sing in your head a line from a song with the word “stop” in it for example “stop in the name of love” or “stop right there thank you very much” this not only stops the negative thought but the tune in your head raises your vibration and gives you a bit of time to think of a positive affirmation or thought.

Affirmations are important to manifesting but you don’t need to write them out 50 times a day. When saying affirmations make sure you are attracting the right thing, for example stating you want to be debt free will actually attract more debt because the focus is on you being in debt, so rather state “there is always enough money” or I have more than enough money” never put a negative in an affirmation.

Gratitude. Every day before bed I find at least three things that I am grateful for that have happened that day, even if nothing has happened and even if you really think there is nothing to be grateful for you can always find something such as “ I am happy and grateful that I had food today” or “I am happy and grateful to be alive” then after you have done your gratitude’s add the thing you are trying to manifest into your gratitude list but say it like you already have it, so for example with the job “ I am happy and grateful that I have my dream job and it gives me great satisfaction”. While saying it try and feel what it would be like to actually have it. This helps to raise your vibration and also send a message to the universe that you are open to receiving.

So those are the real basics of manifesting. So why not try and see if the universe is listening to you and set your intention to the universe that you want to see a pink flamingo. Set the intention and let it go and believe 100% you will see a pink flamingo and within a couple of days you will start to see pink flamingoes, either on tv, on a poster, as a pattern on wallpaper or a number of other things, but you will see it and this will help you to have trust in the universe, start small at first and don’t expect things to happen straight away, just believe 100% it will happen and openly state that you are open to receiving, and of course thank the universe. Keep your vibrations high by smiling, listening to music, doing anything that uplifts you.

What are you waiting for!!! Go get your pink flamingo or that new car you have dreamt about!!! It is only our brains that limit what we can manifest, it really is just as easy to manifest that car as the pink flamingo, you just need to have Faith!!


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