19 Jan 2021

Coincidence or spiritual intervention by Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430


Do you believe in coincidences or do you think that there is a divine or spiritual intervention?

I once heard a man telling a story about something that happened to him. This is a true story.

He had been working very hard and doing a lot of overtime, so he decided to go off for the weekend and chill out.

He told his secretary that he would be away.

On the Sunday of that weekend he decided to go for a long walk on his own up the Peak District.

He had not been walking for long it was about 10.30 am up a deserted track when he came upon a red telephone box, as he passed it the telephone rang, he was surprised but ignored it and carried on up the hill.

A few hours later he came passed the telephone box again on his way home.

To his surprise the telephone range as he passed it again. So he decided to answer it this time.

To his amazement it was his secretary telephoning him to tell him that there was an emergency at work.

He asked her how she had got the number of this phone box that was in the middle of nowhere.

She said I rang your telephone number, but he said I did not leave my number and they had a conversation and he realized that she had rung his clocking in number!! Thinking it was his phone number and that number was the number of the phone box!

He asked her if she had rung the phone box before and she said yes that she had tried at 10.30 that morning, the time that he had passed the phone box that morning when it was ringing.

So was this a coincidence, or was it divine intervention? Was he meant to be contacted? And as a result meant to sort out his work problem, what do you think?

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