24 Jun 2019

Cancer – By Elizabeth Rose PIN 7430

The sign of Cancer – who is compatible?

People born under the sign of Cancer do like a lot of attention they are loyal, intelligent and imaginative.

Cancer and Cancer goes together as they are like-minded and both water signs, sometimes even reading each other’s minds.

Cancer and Pisces go well together. Cancer likes the attention and Pisces likes the chase and they are both water signs.

Cancer and Aquarius often go together, sometimes forming a passionate bond.

Cancer and Taurus make a good couple as they are steady and rarely make impulsive decisions and are very happy usually.

Cancer and Aries can sometimes clash. Aries can be rather impatient and lash out – they can get together but many will separate.

Cancer and Gemini is a bit of a no no I am afraid. They tend to clash as Cancers are emotional but Gemini tend to be intellectual. So it is difficult for these signs to understand each other.

Cancer and Leo these two could work but there would have to be a lot of effort on both sides. They both like attention but Cancers don’t like to be controlled.

Cancer and Virgo can work and does seem to get better over a period of time. Virgo likes to fix things and make things better so they are quite compatible.

Cancer and Libra is not a good match at all. Libra tends to act from their heads, not their hearts and Cancer has a problem with that.

Cancer and Scorpio, it works and they make a very good couple in many ways. Their relationship can be fantastic and satisfying.

Cancer and Sagittarius is a very difficult relationship. Maybe they have a crush then they should go their separate ways.

Cancer and Capricorn can be a very strong match. They have the potential to have a happy life together.

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