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Zoe is a warm, empathetic, psychic clairvoyant whose gifts stem from early childhood when she would see and communicate with her great grandmother. The death of a close friend many years later enhanced her gift, and she found that as a reiki master it gave her the ability to see and read people. Zoe is impossible to shock and answers all questions as directly as she can. Zoe is available Monday afternoons, Tuesday evenings,Wednesday mornings, Thursday day and other evenings on request.


  • Thank you so much Zoe for your accurate and supportive predictions. You are always spot on and your readings give me hope. I can not recommend Zoe enough. Anon xxx

    Anon, November 2018
  • Hi, this is a testimonial for Zoe. I have had two readings with Zoe since summer. She connected well both times and the information provided was spot on. There were no unnecessary words, all just clear, straight forward and relevant information given in a very friendly manner. Some of her insights have happened. Zoe gives good guidance and both her readings have been very good for me. I have had many readings, and Zoe definitely is worth calling.

    Anon, November 2018
  • This is a long overdue feedback for Zoe. I have had several readings over the months and I must say Zoe surprised me every single time. She picked up on what happened in my life and managed to advise me through her predictions. I have a clear connection with her and some of her predictions have come through already and I am waiting for the rest. She is warm and has a lovely energy about her. I don’t have to say anything, that’s what I like about Zoe, truly gifted. Thanks.

    Z, November 2018
  • I have had several readings with Zoe through an uncertain time in my life over the last few months. She is incredible. Her predictions have consistently come to pass and she most definitely connects to Spirit knowing stuff she could not have done, she doesn’t use cards and delivers a fast reading with accurate information and helpful insights.

    She is also sweet and friendly and able to deliver not so nice news in a compassionate manner.

    She is one of the best psychics out there. Her main prediction came true for me yesterday and although I could never ever have thought that would happen, it has (so happy).

    Thank you Zoe for all your help.

    Jane, November 2018
  • I’ve been having readings with Zoe for about 6 months now. She is helping me with a relationship issue. She mentioned a female friend of his that I have nothing to worry about. At that time it didn’t make sense at all but 2 weeks later it did! She also said she can’t see things beyond September which got me worried as everything seemed picture perfect. Then in September things went wrong and I was sure we’ll never going to see eachother again. In desperation I’ve called Zoe and she perfectly described the situation saying we will set a date to see each other on a Thursday. At that time I thought it’s impossible but 2 weeks later we did set a date for a Wednesday which got cancelled in the last minute so we did rescheduled it for a Thursday indeed! Zoe always got the situation & feelings spot on and so far everything has happened exactly as she said. Give her a call – you won’t be disappointed. Thanks a million xxx

    B, September 2018
  • I’ve used many readers in the past but was particularly impressed with Zoe’s ability to tap into my current situation and past events. The detail she went into was so accurate and I’ve never experienced such accuracy before with a reader. However I was still sceptical about her predictions and the timings she gave me. I’m happy to say the events unfolded just as she said they would and the timing was spot on. She was caring and non judgmental and has really helped me to move forward. Thank you Zoe, I’ll definitely be speaking to you again.

    Julian, July 2018
  • Zoe is amazing! So spot on, detailed and accurate! I have had many readings with Zoe and she can always tune in quickly and tell many things! Zoe is caring and can always give me a clear picture of my situation. If you want an accurate reading, Zoe is the one!

    Cherin, May 2018
  • I’ve had a few readings with Zoe over the last few months and just wanted to say Zoe you are amazing! You tune in instantly and help me understand the situation and give me insight into what’s happening. You have such a warm and lovely manner and deliver your messages in a kind, funny and caring way. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart xxx

    Sarah, April 2018
  • ***** five star reading . She’s a fantastic reader and very genuine . I have a true connection with her . I’ve been struggling with a break up for months and she’s guided me the whole way and she picks up on the most current situation . I have been with most readers originally but now I stick to Zoe as a trusted reader . Absolutely amazing xx Thank you so much Zoe xx

    C, April 2018
  • This testimonial is way over due for Zoe, words cannot describe how grateful I am of her. Over the past 5 months I have had some difficult relationship issues, Zoe has been my strength through the whole thing and I sincerely wouldn’t have been able to get through it without her she has been my rock. Everything she predicted came true – she said he would return and he has. I still have regular readings with Zoe as I trust every word she says to me, she is honest, accurate and by far my favourite reader. Not only is Zoe a fantastic reader she truly is one of the nicest people I have spoken with and I immediately feel at ease when speaking with her, I honestly feel that I am speaking to a close friend when I speak with Zoe she is just amazing!! Zoe thank you so much for all your support over the last 5 months it means more than you know please never leave moon predictions I don’t know what i would do without you. Speak soon much love, Jenna xx

    Jenna, April 2018
  • A very good connection with Zoe today and she was really spot on with my situation. Very understanding and honest – I will certainly call again!

    KA, April 2018
  • Zoe has been the best.. just amazing with her accuracy, everything she said happened i keep on coming back over and over again.. thank you Zoe for all your validations!

    K, April 2018
  • hi I really need to applaud Zoe first time I have had a reading with her Absolutely fantastic she really blew me away with names events and happenings …. Zoe is very warm caring reader understands questions you ask her and replies wholeheartedly very patient and really understanding I really really recommend you have a reading with Zoe you will not be disappointed love and blessings Zoe love sue … 100 per cent recommend

    sue, December 2017
  • Dear dear Zoe Thank you so much for my reading. Zoe is so gifted , i was calling from Holland , i had been awake last night, and a bit tired and emotional missing my Love. Zoe calmed me and showed me i could relax and picked up on so much so quickly. A mother was around me that was a great comfort. Thank you so much Bless you Zoe

    W 10.11.2017, November 2017
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