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Maia loves reading and connecting with people - it has always been a way of life for her. Maias maternal grandmother read the tealeaves and her first Tarot cards were gifted from her mother at age 12. Spirit guides her and she likes to relax into the energy and let it flow. Maia feels honoured to be a part of a clients deepest, most personal journey. The connection can be very profound, and deeply meaningful. Healing may come too and dream interpretation is a favourite. Having given so many readings on so many subjects, if pushed to choose a favourite area, relationships is probably the one Maia would opt for. She is clairsentient and trusts that spirit will bring through intuitively what is required, whether through visions, feelings, impressions, audiitory means or animal guides.


  • Maia is a wonderful reader , very reassuring and articulate and detailed . She is calming , empathic and got to the root of my issues and concerns . An uplifting , positive reading . Thankyou Maia ! Gabriella .

    Gabriella, September 2016
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