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Magdalena has been reading for 18 years and has felt very naturally connected to her inherited psychic abilities since her childhood. Through her Clairaudience and Clairvoyance and the support from her spirit guides, Magdalena can give you the clarity and peace of mind you need to make the best choices when faced with lifes challenges. A reading with Magdalena is delivered with loving intent to give you positive direction and restore a calm perspective through her very honest, yet gently healing and spiritual insight.


  • Thank you once again for another deep, powerful and insightful reading. I asked you many questions about a certain person and you answered them with unflinching honesty. You told me things about myself that I knew deep down but never voiced before. Basically like I said, I felt like you were looking right inside me and saw me so clearly and understood me so well. You clarified a very hard situation for me and helped me find my way to deal with it. I am still processing what you said. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    EH, December 2019
  • Had a reading with Magdalena this evening and I found her to be very insightful. She was able to clarify various issues for me and feel into the dynamics of situations, characters, and motivations at a deeper level. She was very accurate in her information, which she provided without help from me or guessing. I also appreciated her honesty and her not giving me false hope with regard to a situation concerning my child. I was quite distressed and chaotic, and found Magdalena to be very understanding and warm in her spot on sensing, and very practical in her advice,which I have taken to heart. Thanks Magdalena, for your help and guidance, much appreciated!

    SC, March 2019
  • Magdalena you are wonderful. You managed to home in and read my situation in such detail. You bring warmth, enlightenment and comfort giving me the resilience to mend my broken heart. Your advice and words of wisdom provide strength and healing to my inner self pulling me out of my depths of despair. You’re one amazing lady, I’m in a far better emotional place after our conversation. I cannot thank you enough, much love x

    Nicky, November 2018
  • Thank you for a lovely reading. Helpful and accurate. Found comfort from the reading. Highly recommend.

    Jane, June 2018
  • I had a reading with Magdalena on 3rd December 2017.
    What an amazing reading. She was so accurate and it helped me and is still helping me. I really don’t know how I would have coped without her.
    I still read over the notes I made. She was absolutely spot on with her description of a certain person and something that was happening that I didn’t know about, but turned out to be true. She is such an empathic person. Spiritual and caring.

    Wendy, January 2018
  • Magelena is a very wise and emphatic psychic. She can look very deep into the root cause of the issue. When you are lost in the woods or world, it can be difficult to know who you are, trying to be someone else. She will remind you of who you “were”, your real essence, your gift to the world and from there she will suggest to you several courses of actions.

    Bryan, January 2018
  • Hi, Magdalena,
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for being there for me when I needed you. It was so refreshing to talk with you as you reached out and picked up on myself and all about my lovely gentleman friend in such a gentle yet amazingly acurate account of details. You knocked me for six by all you revealed to me and to be honest I was quite touched by your validations. And I never ever told you anything at the start of the reading but your information just flowed! It was a blessing and a joy to speak with you and you are a very gifted lady.
    Love and blessings, Maureen

    Maureen, December 2017
  • Just wanted to say I was blown away with Magdalena. What an amazing reader. She picked up straight away on the situation I was going through, describing in detail the characteristics of the other person involved and what they were thinking and their actions thus far.
    She was so spot on – I look forward to the things predicted to be coming my way.

    Thank you

    Lil, November 2017
  • Magdalena darling ! Words are wasted here. If I knew her I would send her flowers everyday. She has the ability to let you blossom and bring serenity and clarity even when you are going through a storm. Magdalena is so loving , supportive , calm and accurate. When life is unbearable for me and I feel at my darkest , I do not know how she has it in her to listening to me with such grace ! And gracious she is bringing light and clarity by putting things in perspective for me. Her wisdom is pure and she must be strong. If she wasn’t and if she hadn’t been through it she would still be able to feel it and sense it just like you do and she is emotionally intelligent too. Her support means the world to me so to have her in my life makes me feel like the luckiest person alive . I love Magdalena very much . I am so grateful for her. May she continue to guide and inspire us all. A big grazie mille for all that she does.

    Monica, September 2017
  • Dear Magdalena, I have found you and it has been one of the best encounter of my life. You will always be part of it even tho I do not know you in the world. My soul knows and loves you and that is what I really want to say. If I have lived in a black tunnel for years you are starting to shine a soft candle from where you are so my eyes can get eventually used to the light. Because one day I will see the light again and you have been preparing me all along. I thank you with all my heart. You know what I truly care about and like and desire. Maybe one day you will be my guest of honour , when my time will come. Thanks for all the time spent listening to my sad life and sorry for being negative . I can’t be anything different at the moment. Thanks for not judging me. Thanks for accepting me open handed. Bear it with me. Thanks so much and sorry if I cannot really explain what you mean to me. I wish you all the best and know you are too in my prayers at night.

    Monica, July 2017
  • I had several readings with Magdalena for the past year I wanted to say how astonishing she is. She has picked up on my situations straight away each time and gave me specific date of events that were going to happen. She was also able to describe people look, names, and personality. Truly amazing gifted lady with a pure and beautiful soul. Thank you so much for all your help and support.

    Charlotte, May 2017
  • I was totally gobsmacked with her validation and prediction…. A pure gentle loving soul she is …. You’re the cream of the crop, my lovely. God bless. Gracie xxx

    Gracie, September 2016
  • Such a lovely lady. She blew me away when she described my late dad to a tee! I can honestly say that Magdalene is a genuine reader and her accuracy is mind blowing. Grace x

    Gracie, September 2016
  • Sensational!

    Sebastian, August 2016
  • 08/08/16 I have had numerous readings with Magdelana I think she’s wonderful. She is honest, kind warm, lovely and will always tell the truth whether I want to hear it or not. Her accuracy is spot on she is amazing! Thanks Magdelana for all your help and guidance you have given me it’s much appreciated . Heather

    Heather Stanworth, August 2016
  • Magdalena is a truly wonderful reader. She has helped me so much with my problems and has never failed to show me positivity no matter how bad things are. A kind and gentle person. I have relied on magdalenas guidance and support to help me get through a difficult period. Thanks for being one of the best readers ever.

    S, May 2016
  • I have had few readings with her and she is excellent at picking up what’s going on in my life ..first call I had she gave me the name of the person I am interested in and then she told the situation at present and she was 100% correct amazed !!!
    Looking forward to her predictions

    trevor, January 2016
  • WOW! I have been ‘blown away’ by Magdalena’s wise and loving insight. She is a wonderful and truly gifted psychic – a very special person.

    Thank you because the reading has helped so much.

    Aileen Wright, December 2015
  • 21/07 Had a wonderful reading with this lady. She was warm, calming and gentle. Magdalena tuned into my situation straight away without any prompting. She is truly a genuine reader. Believe me I had hundreds of readings and this was amazing!!! I am so pleased with Moon Predictions they really do have some very talented readers. Thank you Magdalena for the guidance you gave me and am 100% taking it on board. Xxx Heather
    Please call this lady you will not be disappointed.

    Heather, July 2015
  • Magdalena – Just wanted to say wonderful reader picked up on both people very accurately gave a detailed description of situation and possible outcome, also picked up on my feelings and personality, stayed on far too long but such a wonderful reading just wanted to hear more and more.
    You will not be disappointed with this reader!

    Gill, May 2015
  • I would like to leave a testimonial for Magdalena…wow! Accurate, to the point and wonderfully intuitive! Hope to have another reading with her soon x

    B, February 2015
  • Thank you magdelena, I feel less sad xx

    Kerry, February 2015
  • Dear Magdalena – Again, I can’t thank you enough for helping me……your insight into other people’s feelings/intentions/emotions is really quite amazing…..You’ve also saved me a lot of money I’m sure…thinking about that little house I nearly bought..!! I send you lots of love and hope you have a very happy Christmas…..I’m sure I’ll be calling you in 2015..! x

    J, December 2014
  • Hi,
    I’ve just had a reading will Magdalena, and following numerous readings over
    many years with clairvoyants, I must say that Magdalena ranked very closely
    to number 1 or 2!
    She connected instantly without the use of tarot or various other aids, and
    delivered very specific detail that made me smile and chuckle.
    She also asked me if I wanted blunt yes or no answers which was very
    refreshing and straight to the point, in addition the advice she passed onto
    myself through spirit guides was invaluable, and resonated with me straight
    Thank you so much for putting me in touch with Magdalena, she’s a very
    gifted lady and also a very nice personable individual.

    T, November 2014
  • I would like to leave a testimonial for Magdalena who I consider to be a kind gentle and extremely modest soul who I also believe will be a great asset to ER /Moon. From the very start of the reading Magdalena honed in on every minute detail without any prompting, questions or input from myself. Validations were 100% accurate with amazing detail. Magdalena delivered all that she had to say in the gentlest and warmest of manners. Her insight was given with the utmost professionalism and most importantly for me and I am sure all who would call complete and frank honesty. Truly a lovely genuine reader who in no time I am sure will become very much sought after and rightly so. I highly recommend a reading with this lady you will definitely find it uplifting Thank you.

    LM, November 2014
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