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Lizzie is a very experienced Medium and Psychic who has also studied Alternative Medicine, Nutrition, Allergy Testing and Treatment, Mediumship and Tarot - holding certificates in all of these. Lizzie has had successful clinics in London and has treated and helped many different types of people. Lizzie is now concentrating on her spiritual work and loves to help anyone who needs an insight into Career, Love and Relationships and has the gift to contact departed loved ones. Lizzie is of Shaman descent and has been aware of this since childhood. Lizzie looks on the very positive side of life and has a great sense of humour. People always say they feel positive after talking to her.


  • Eve 8th February 2018

    Just had a really wonderful reading with Lizzie. No airy fairy nonsense. Warm, precise, down to earth. I really really like this lady. She gave me the answer I needed to know – not the one I thought I should hear. I feel like my mind has been cleared and I have been reset. Lizzie, I will do as you say – I will shut the account down.

    Thank you for putting me straight.

    Eve, February 2018
  • I would like to thank Lizzie for an amazing informative and accurate reading. A lovely lady who clarified many areas of my life where I had doubt. She made me feel uplifted and ready to face the future. If you want answers, then this kind, compassionate lady can help you.. Thank you again!

    Cathie, August 2017
  • First, do pls take an extra look at Lizzie’s picture. Her sparkling eyes and face generate a beautiful energy, compassion and a universal kindness. An angelic spirit exudes from her. A reading with Lizzie touches one’s inner soul, any lifts the pain. This is how it has been for me. After years of angst and difficult difficult challenges Lizzie is seeing me through it all. She is truly a bringer of truth.

    Caras, February 2017
  • I had a reading with Lizzie and was very surprised at how accurate she was, regarding my issue. She made me feel warm, comfortable and at ease with her insightful reading. A very positive lady, who knows very well what she is talking about and can give you great advice in moving forward. Thank you, for a much needed reading and leaving the past where it belongs. Thank you.

    Sade, January 2017
  • I have just had a truly wonderful reading with Lizzie where she accurately detailed time and places. She told me about my past and what will happen very soon of which I know about. She truly is lovely. I felt very satisfied and happy with the reading. Lizzie is truly warm, caring and an understanding lady and I felt excited after speaking with her. I recommend Lizzie 100 per cent and will definitely contact her again.

    Sue, April 2016
  • I would like to say how brilliant lizzie is. She connects straightaway and can explain in detail what loved ones are thinking and what is unfolding. Her ability to predict the future is astounding. I regularly have readings with lizzie as I feel she understands my situation and is there to help and advise. Her readings are always honest no matter what
    I highly recommend lizzie

    Anon, April 2016
  • Lizzie tuned in and connected with me immediately. She didn’t ask any questions and picked up on my situation and issues without any prompting. Lizzie was very accurate and delivered her reading in a honest but kind way.

    A, March 2016
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