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Lara is psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient and does not use any tools. She tunes in to your voice and works with energy using her psychic abilities along with her three spirit guides. She is very positive and compassionate and will leave you feeling empowered and enabling you to move forward in your life. She reads with integrity and truth. As a young child she was highly intuitive, sometimes not understanding her acute perceptive nature and the psychic gifts she has been given. She felt and saw spirit and was convinced that everyone did. Her dreams and premonitions would come true. She can describe your loved ones and how they think and feel. The information she receives for you is personal, specific and powerful.This insight will help resolve your concerns.


  • Great

    Michelle, June 2019
  • Lara is like a warrior of light. Strong, consistent and clear she is and doesn’t sugar coat anything . Lara needs no prompting she always know what is going on with you. You won’t hear nothing but the truth from Lara who is also very deep and detailed with great emotional intelligence. She is very able at feeling people’s thinking and is spot on at sensing their motives and temperaments. The predictions in regards to my life had come true. She’s highly regarded by some of my friends too which have contacted her for help after my wonderful readings. Lara’s support and guidance had followed me through for the last few ,difficult months at times when I really didn’t know how and who to talk to . No matter how low I feel she always manages to lift me up and making me feel better about myself. A diamond in the real sense of the word. I am so grateful to her!

    Monica, October 2017
  • Since the beginning of this year, Lara has pretty much talked me down from an emotional ledge. She is personabel, sensitive and positive, each time I start to despair she guides me back to a place of positivity. More than that, Lara is annoyingly accurate with her predictions, highly insightful and descriptive. She accurately described the location of my last interview, describing the bridges which I recognised as I drove to the interview. She also accurately predicated my job title.

    Lara is phenomenal, firm and authentic. She has helped me understand my capabilities and enhanced my self belief. As a result, I have been able to apply for those jobs that accurately match my capabilities.

    She has been a guiding star in my darkest hour, assisting me to find my way back into the light. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you and I hope God continues to bless your gifts and talents forever!


    Lily, March 2017
  • Now, this is an overdue testimonial for Lara! I’ve been having readings with her for 3 years. Lara is a top class 10/10 reader! She’s my life coach & gives great advice. She’s very honest! Her predictions are always accurate too! She is the BEST!!! Thank you Lara. Love Scorpio Sarah xxx

    Sarah, January 2017
  • Had a few readings with Lara this year and she blew me away with her accuracy and her predictions has certainly have come to a pass. Such a brilliant and empathetic reader… Gracie, Bristol

    Gracie, August 2016
  • I had one of the the most fascinating readings with Lara! She is incredibly gifted.. Not just with predictions but if you want an In depth reading where you want to go deep into the persons psyche and what they are thinking and why they are doing what they are doing, Lara is the lady! She will give you mental clarity and remove you from the dark space your in.. She is super emotionally intelligent.Just brilliant..Ten Stars

    Nadine, January 2016
  • Say it as it is even if it’s not what you want to hear. Lovely lady.

    GK, January 2016
  • Lara is unerringly accurate and has a wonderful understanding of the psychology of relationship. Whilst she is sympathetic she is also completely honest and will never mislead you. Her guides together with her own wisdom never fail to give the truth on any situation and she has helped me move forward with so much more conviction and confidence where I was floundering and insecure. Once you trust this lady you will not look back. Thank you Lara for your support. You are an amazing lady and I am so glad to have found you.

    A, December 2015
  • I have now just had a second reading with Lara, as in the first reading she predicted that something would happen in my relationship in Oct and this has now come true. In her readings she gives excellent solid advice with accurate clear timelines, this I find really important for me, so I have something to work towards and to look forward to. She has given me hope that that I am not misguided in my feelings and this will help me through my struggles to remain strong. Thank you Lara and I look forward to my next reading confirming your predictions given today.

    G, November 2015
  • I would like to leave a long overdue testimonial for Lara. I have been having readings from Lara for over two years now and she is spot on every time. Lara connects straight away and delivers readings in a lively , uplifting, no nonsense manner. Her predictions are always accurate and very much to the point. I would highly recommend Lara and know you will not be disappointed. Thank you Lara.

    Dashey, September 2015
  • I have been having readings with Lara since the beginning of the year and she has been incredible. She has picked up some things with incredible specific detail that could not have been guessed in a million years. She has also predicted things on particular dates and things to happen by particular dates with incredible accuracy. She has also picked up on issues regarding key people around me and has been able to pinpoint their issues. She is truly gifted.

    P, July 2015
  • This is a very overdue testimonial for a very talented lady. I have readings regularly with friends who are psychics and have the challenge of being highly psychic myself. Lara has read for me 3-4 times this year and never ceases to amaze me with her accuracy. Unfortunately, there are some not so good psychics out there that tell you what you want to hear and not the real truth of the matter. I can honestly say that this isn’t true of Lara. On my first reading with her she told me that I was going to buy a house and that I would see it on the 20th March. This was January at the time, I thought to myself, well that is pretty accurate and precise lets hope it comes true. Sure enough, on the 20th March I received a list of houses for viewing and the house I ended up buying was the one for me, viewed on 20th March! Furthermore, she said I wouldn’t move until end of June, as it stands, it is highly likely that it is correct too. This was a “quick sale” supposedly and Lara said that the sellers will hold things up, sure enough they have!!
    Lara has also given me some very accurate insights into my work and personal life too, some of which I am awaiting the outcome of. However, on the work front she did predict a new project role for me starting at the end of May with a man that had a “bald head”. Yes, well that was correct too. The discussions are already taking place with this and another more senior role too with another company that Lara stated in her 3rd reading.
    Not only is Lara an amazingly accurate psychic, she is very empathetic, knowledgeable and gives some great analogies to position challenges that can easily help enable you to move forward. She has great life experience of her own and can easily relate to situations too

    Vicky, May 2015
  • Lara is an amazing reader she always leaves me feeling positive ready to carry on she has been helping me with an ongoing situation with absolute accuracy. She is truly outstanding and I cannot thank her enough there are no words. Thank you Lara love From Maria x

    Maria, April 2015
  • Thank you Lara for keeping me so grounded in the truth of my own path. You are such an empowering, positive, accurate and very perspective reader. You always leave me feeling incredibly uplifted and in alignment with the truth of the situation. An amazing and gifted reader! J xx

    J, December 2014
  • Lara is an incredible psychic. What she says comes true; sounds so simple doesn’t it, however, to be told that something is going to happen in the future and for it to happen, well it is incredible. Have had a number of readings over the years with different readers and to be honest it very rarely transpires that predictions happen. Lara told me that I would meet someone a couple of months ago, she described how the person in question would behave and how things would develop, and I have to say she is absolutely correct in what she predicted. Lara is an incredible psychic.

    J, November 2014
  • Lara is an amazing reader on this site, when I feel down or need someone to
    talk to she always picks me up. I’m sure she feels frustrated with me in
    regards to a situation she is helping me with lol but I really would not be
    able to get through it without her. She is definitely an asset to moon and would recommend her.

    S, November 2014
  • I would like to leave a testimonial for Lara. I have had many readings with Lara over the last few years, she has always connected well and provided many details. Many predictions have come through, although some not at all. In a reading in May, Lara gave loads of information about a person, meeting place, timeframe, what it would mean to me and what to expect… all of it was spot on!! Lara has been very helpful and the readings have always been delivered with good humour.x

    L, September 2014
  • I would like to leave a testimonial for Lara. I have had two readings with her so far this year in regards to an ongoing situation of mine. I have spoken to many readers regarding this same situation and Lara has tuned into whats been going on both times accurately and validated information for me. She is an amazing reader and I would recommend her to anyone wanting the non sugar coated truth of their situations.

    Aisha, September 2014
  • Dear Lara,
    Here is my long overdue testimonial, and firstly I want to truly thank you for all your wonderful readings . I cannot tell you how much you have empowered me and helped me re-gain my self-confidence.
    Your predictions have come true so far and i am just waiting for the rest of them to unfold, and I will update this feedback as soon as they do.
    Lara you are truly gifted and I would not hesitate to speak to you again.

    Anonymous, September 2014
  • Lara It was lovely speaking to you. Thank you so much, I found everything so helpful. Will call again soon.

    S, July 2014
  • Lara is great. Very accuarte and very honest. She makes the reading fun . Would always choose lara for a reading, Karen Morayhire, Scotland

    karen, June 2014
  • I have been reading with Lara since she joined Moon and she is simply the best. Patient, caring and no judgements she will get to the heart of the issue and always be truthful even if it’s not what you want to hear. Many of her predictions have been scarily accurate, even when I have thought there was simply no way something she predicted could happen! She is an amazing person with lots of heart…thank you Lara!

    Vinnie, May 2014
  • I have had readings with Lara over the last 8 months and she has always been very positive and connects with you straightaway so you can really feel the reading is genuine. The predictions she made have come true and am now waiting for future predictions . Lara has always given me hope and helped me during a very difficult time.
    I am confident her future predictions will also come true.
    Thank you so much Lara and I will spk to you soon x x

    T, April 2014
  • Lara is superb. I love her no-nonsense, to the point yet detailed and accurate readings. All of her predictions for me have come to pass over a span of 9 months i.e. getting a new job in October (after being out of work for a year), the unusual circumstance in which I would accept the job offer, a change in my current workplace within 6 months which I wouldn’t have considered back then but has just happened last week. Lara predicted events in my relationship with specific months and timelines e,g, I would go on the sidelines for Christmas but tables will turn in Jan-Feb. Exactly what happened. I would go abroad and take courses – something I never do on holiday but funnily I ended up taking a crash course that my dad had booked for me in December . I could go on. I have had many readings in the past but have rarely experienced such an accurate reader who is frank, genuine and does not waste your money on fluff to give you a false sense of temporary security. Thanks a million for all your help Lara, you’re easily the Best and I cannot recommend you enough.

    D, April 2014
  • Lara is The Best. I’ve had many readings over the years and am rarely amazed enough to leave a testimonial but Lara has the rare knack of delivering details on situations, people and places like no other. Thanks for all your help Lara. You’re superb. I cannot recommend you enough.

    D, March 2014
  • I would like to add another testimonial to your reader Lara. She is simply amazing, the way in which she tunes in, gets to the point and her voice is engaging and empathetic without being phoney at all. Her predictions are spot on and I always leave feeling positive. Can’t recommend her highly enough! – B

    B, February 2014
  • About a year ago, I had a session with Lara over the phone. My question to her was about my personal life. She told me, no holds barred, that I would meet someone and it would be in March-April. Indeed, I did meet a beautiful man and it was indeed in April! I then spoke to her again and she told me he would propose and she told me this would be in December. Once again she was right! No one has ever been this accurate. Lara has been a blessing in my life. She has not only told me of two major events before they happened but has been a spiritual guide. She is straight forward, honest and open. She is wise and knowledgable and she helps one to understand the truth of what is really going in one’s life. I always feel lighter and less troubled after I have spoken to her. Lara also has a brilliant sense of humour and has made me laugh many a times! Thank you Lara for all your help and guidance. God Bless You.

    S, January 2014
  • Absolutely Outstanding Lady…….
    EVERY SINGLE PREDICTION HAPPENED AND KEEP UNFOLDING…..even the ones that seemed so unlikely and I just couldn’t see.
    Just remarkable.
    Thank you so very much Lara for your time & patience .

    Steph, January 2014
  • Brilliant reader. Very easy to talk to.
    Lara is blunt, honest and very good at what she does. Have had 2 readings with Lara
    and will be having a third, she is very accurate .

    Thank you lara for putting me at ease.

    Diane, January 2014
  • Testimonial for Lara I’d just like to say a heartfelt thankyou to Lara , I have found her readings to be astoundingly accurate and compassionate ,the dates of predictions have proven to be spot on and her connections with spirit so clear . Absolutely amazing thank you xxx

    Rachael, December 2013
  • I would like to leave a testimonial for Lara. I have had quite a few readings with Lara over the year. She has always provided accurate details, and some of her predictions have come through… It might not have been how I imagined it would be… But nonetheless it has turned out as she stated. Very helpful and positive person. L x

    L, December 2013
  • Just wanted to leave feedback for Lara. She is amazing! Her predictions are spot on and she connects very quickly. I highly recommend her! Wonderful and insightful!

    B, November 2013
  • Lara, a truly gifted and lovely lady. I felt so much better after my Reading with her.Thank You.

    Lucia, October 2013
  • I’ve been having readings with Lara for many months and she’s the best reader ever! Lara has always been my rock and her psychic ability is absolutely outstanding. Thank you so much for all your advice and support I truly believe you are a rare diamond. Sarah xxx

    Sarah, October 2013
  • I would like to leave a testimonial for Lara. This woman is a genuine
    caring soul and her predictions have come true – many Thanks Catherine xx

    Catherine, September 2013
  • Lara I just wanted to say You were right. In every detail and every prediction, you were right. I cannot recommend you highly enough for your intuition and insight into what was going on within my life. You gave me clear, precise, honest information even though the outcome was so far away from what I was seeing in my day to day life within my relationship. You stated from the beginning my husband would make a massive u turn at the last minute. He did !! Your guides were always so sure and you did not deviate from what you were being shown. Thank you for all your help.

    Anonymous, August 2013
  • Lara, thank u sooooo much for ur guidance this weekend, this last conversation with u has finally made me realise everything. Thank u soooo much for ur help, ur advice and all ur predictions- which I know for a fact will come true. I finally got my appetite back from our last conversation, u a truly a very special lady with amazing gifts and I cannot wait to call u back to thank u personally for that prediction coming to me. Lots of love, xxx

    Krina, July 2013
  • I had at least 4 readings from Lara before Christmas on work and personal matters. Everything Lara predicted has happened exactly as she said which I have found incredible. I feel that I can really trust Lara and her guides and I am very grateful for her advice…It is incredible to think that everything she said has happened. Best Regards

    Paul, June 2013
  • I have had many readings with Lara over the last 6-9 months and she is absolutely brilliant, she connects straight away and can tune in to how someone is feeling and reasons behinds peoples actions.

    Her guide are always spot on, and they never fail to deliver. She is honest, and doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but what she is being given. I use her very often and she has been an amazing support along the way.

    Thanks Lara for all your support, no nonsense approach and amazing guidance. May I also point out that predictions she has given have come to pass, so am just waiting for the final one to evolve. Many thanks x

    Aimee, May 2013
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