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Gemma is a natural born seer, spirit medium and psychic. She will welcome you with a positive energy and calming nature. Her readings are conversational with astonishing accuracy. Gemma can look into the whys and the philosophies of life and spiritual matters or she can keep it Q&A - its up to you. Gemma works with four amazing spirit guides.She can delve straight into your situation without much from you,She can cover esoteric topics and is a reiki master.Gemma can connect to passed love ones too and is a non judgemental reader.


  • I cannot believe how amazingly accurate Gemma is! She brought up a name who I was involved with in my past which i was absolutely astonished! She has a very calming, friendly, tuned in and grounded nature that I cannot even describe. She completely gave me all the answers I needed and cannot wait to see her predictions come to light in these coming weeks. I will definitely recommend a reading from Gemma!

    Yasmin, August 2019
  • Gemma really surprised me and her accuracy was amazing! Thank you! I hope what she said unfolds!! Amazing person and reader xx

    Zoe, August 2019
  • I adore Gemma, what a beautiful soul. I have spoken to her on 3 occasions, She picks up on the same things everytime and her predictions never change. Gemma is exactly as described… A seer.. She can even astro travel and has picked up specific areas that me and my partner have visited together. Even picked up on a friend of mine and names that I should be concerned about. She has become my guiding light and she will be my regular reader. Not only is she truly gifted and an outstanding reader but we have a good laugh and she has become a friend in helping me out in a very complicated situation.

    SW, July 2019
  • Just want to say how amazing your reader Gemma is, gifted lady with real empathy.

    R, June 2019
  • This young lady is absolutely superb. I had a one of a kind reading with her which left me feeling energised and empowered. This reading was different, but tailored to my needs. She tapped into so much, and actually helped me release my fears. She spoke of love, our past connections, and the future to come. She mentioned my grandma name (didnt know her or her name) but found out which was the name Gemma gave me. I can’t Express enough how uncanny and amazing Gemma is. I gave her goosebumps and she gave me them too. I could talk all day to her and I look forward to my next reading. Thank you Gemma, you really enlightenment me. You’re a very special kind of reader.

    Sarah, June 2019
  • Gemma tuned in very quickly to a very specific situation with very accurate and specific details and suggestions about how to move forward. She was warm and understanding, and I found the conversation with her very empowering. I highly recommend her.

    K, June 2019
  • The one stop shop reader. Gemma is “the true” psychic, her reading and ability to transform your life is second to none. Her reading are sharply precise and transformational. I am blown away by her psychic multi talented gifts!

    Nanon, November 2018
  • I have just had a reading with Gemma and she was amazing. Her voice emits immediate peace and I felt at ease with her as soon as she started to speak. She immediately started to talk using her guides to assist her, and from the very start she was spot on. Rarely have I experienced a reader being so accurate with no input from me at all. Gemma is a very talented and extraordinarily gifted reader whom I wholeheartedly recommend. Thank you so very much.

    Fi, November 2018
  • Thank YOU Gemma for my lovely reading today. Such a beautiful to connect with. Gemma connected with me straight away and answered all my questions with some wonderful messages from spirit too which I will be looking into for sure. I would definitely recommend her and will be speaking with her again. Xxx

    Heather, October 2018
  • Had a reading with Gemma today ‘Aweseome’! Kind, honest and natural answered all my questions with real honesty but also explained things so well and just made me feel awesome. Left the call with a real spring in step although some of the outcomes weren’t what I wanted it didn’t matter because Gemma made me think differently about things and that was amazing. Can’t wait to speak to her again thanks Gemma, also looking forward to my future!

    Nikki, October 2018
  • Gemma is amazing i had such a good reading with her she is so lovely we connected really well she knew exactly how I was feeling and knew exactly what i was thinking, told me my business name and so much information. I will without a doubt be speaking to her again. Thank you Vanessa

    Vanessa, October 2018
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